Vera versus Cruz was an expectedly destructive match up with Chito Vera showcasing all the reasons he’s considered one of the most dangerous fighters in the bantam division. Though that wasn’t the only outstanding performance of the night, Nate Landwehr versus David Onama is in contention for performance of the year with their 3 round battle between titans.

Marlon Vera Vs Dominick Cruz

The match opened up with Cruz once again presenting why he’s a champion of the bantamweight division with a strong kick and flurry to start out the fight. Although, Marlon “Chito” Vera came to display how complete and how very dangerous he is. Chito pushed through the round with some of his own return pressure but the volume coming from Cruz definitely won him the round. Round 2 saw similar pressure from the side of Cruz. However some of the combinations are just out of reach of Vera as he starts firing back with kicks of his own.

Round 3 saw the tides turn rather drastically with Vera ramping up the strikes he started putting on Cruz. The strikes coming from Cruz seemed to be getting blocked. Vera responded to most of them with his own strikes and ramped up pressure. The round ended with both fighters in the clinch from an attempted takedown from Cruz. Round 4 however saw the absolutely devastating leg kick to the head from Chito Vera that knocked Cruz out cold.

The RDX Pick: Nate Landwehr Vs David Onama

The three full rounds of this match up may very easily be in contention for performance of the year, An all out sprawl and brawl between Landwehr and Onama took place. Onama started off stronger, landing with powerful body shots and kicks. However, by the second round the tides had turned over. Many exchanges dropped to the ground in grappling and wrestling attempts to score points despite this neither fighter managed to keep a tight submission. Each submission attempt unravels and the fighters standing up for another go at each other.

Round 3 saw Nate go all out, he lacked energy in round 2 to finish the fight but really picked up the pace in this final round. He cornered Onama towards the cage and started launching knees towards him. Whereas Onama is often returning in his own frenzy, wild shots towards Landwehr. All the way to the finish both fighters kept doing their very best to keep throwing punches at each other. However the match ended with a well deserved victory by Nate Landwehr.

Yazmin Jauregui Vs Iasmin Lucindo

Strawweight prospects Yazmin and Iasmin brought out the best in each other with aggressive outplays and takedown events from both sides. Lucindo was throwing powerful shots at Jauregui throughout the match. However the greater of the two pressures was definitely on the side of Jauregui, who was managing to throw pretty crisp combos with both her legs and fists. The final round was clearly favored for Lucindo but the judges scored the first two in favor of the winner Yasmin Jauregui.

RDX congratulates all the amazing fighters from the day who performed outstandingly for UFC San Diego Vera vs Cruz. Each fighter gave it their all and displayed ingenious levels of skill, strategy and stamina. RDX will always be in the corner of all these fighters who lay down their best in the cage.


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