Without the right protective equipment, both trainer and trainee are at the risk of getting injured during rigorous training. Athletes and trainers need to have the confidence of reliable equipment that provides good shock absorption. Low quality guards always keep the person exposed to strikes and need to be replaced often. Every pro advising or training professional knows the significance of having appropriate MMA protective equipment. As a beginner, it is easier to get injured while training. The athletes or trainers looking for the right MMA protective equipment, keep reading!

  1. Hand Wraps

Now that you have decided to train, it is necessary to exercise safety during training. Gloves need proper hand wraps to protect your hands for longer training sessions. Hand Wraps and Gloves are equally important for training your hands. The wraps should cover your hands tight enough to withstand repeated blows together with the glove. It should be complete with a tightly fit design without restricting mobility. To achieve the optimum, Rdx Sports brings you the newest AURA (Shield) range that keeps you protected throughout your training. The company has  established itself producing high-quality, 4.5 meters extended wraps complete with unmatched elasticity.

  1. Head Guard

Protecting your head is vital when sparring or training for head movement combos. Whether its boxing gloves or focus pads that keep hitting your head, head guard should give you the confidence to take them head on. The occasional one-two jab and cross will be easy work without the risk of getting hit on the face. Even during a practice match, the fighter can easily be knocked out with a cross or a jab combo to the face. Low-quality head guard prevents you from going at full potential. That is why Rdx Sports enables you to let out your inner AURA with its T17 Aura Head Guard. Get your premium quality Head Guard and train without restricting yourself. Enhanced with Kalix Skin, the Head Guard will absorb all the knockout strikes for you with its unmatched durability. Designed to withstand intense training, the inner lining layer will always keep it dry for you to focus on nothing more but your training.  

  1. Mouth Guard

Athletes often get punched or kicked in the face. However, it entirely depends on the quality of the mouth guard used to keep the teeth intact and absorb the impact. It is identified among the essentials before starting a training session or a professional fighting match. Seems petty but the quality of the mouth guard keeps you from losing teeth during a fight. Rdx Sports provides the appropriate mouth guard which is safe and comfortable. Manufactured in various attractive colors, the Rdx 3 Mouthguard series has built-in boil and bite gum shield that fits perfectly on your teeth. Rdx Gel Mouthguard Gum shield absorbs the impact keeping your teeth intact. It leaves no space for your teeth to move and provides an inner firm grip. Next time in your training session, you will know that your teeth will not fall out when you have the appropriate mouth guard.

  1. Groin Guard

It is easily possible to avoid a game-stopping injury with a good groin guard. You can keep your head in the game with the T17 AURA Groin Guard. Train with confidence by taking care of your body while your box your way into an intense session. Packed with authentic Cowhide leather, the groin guard can also defend against kidney shots from your opponent. Professional fighters know the risk of game-changing strikes which is why they trust Rdx Sports to protect them.

  1. Shin Guard

There is no such thing as having too much protection. Shin Guards that tear after a few strikes can fatally injure your lower leg, even permanently damaging your leg. You can choose to risk getting injured or protect the area with proper Shin guard. Rdx Sports has therefore built T17 AURA Shin Instep guards with maximum versatility. Tri-layered padding compliments your fighting style whether its kickboxing or mixed martial arts. The Supermo-shock foam dissipates impact from reaching your anatomy. Fight and absorb blows with ease through these unique shin guards made for both casual and professional training alike.

Gym owners, managers, trainers or home gym aspirants- if you are interested in any of the above-mentioned products then you have come to the right place as they are available for bulk sale. Download our latest product catalog for more information.


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