It is always interesting when discussion about the greatest MMA fighters are started. Champions and legends from different eras are talked about and their great deeds in the ring and octagon are remembered. Bloody Elbow is currently running such a competition and our very own Randy Couture is one of the legends they have put in the bracket.

Randy Couture – The Natural

Bloody Elbow started an MMA’s Greatest Light Heavyweight of All Time Tournament.

It was only ‘Natural’ that Randy Couture was a part of it.

The current matchup is between Dan Henderson and Randy ‘The Natural’ Couture.

The matchup is decided via fan votes and we here at RDX know who we are backing in this imaginary bout; our guy Randy Couture.

And here is why you should go vote for him right now…

All due respect to Dan Henderson and his accomplishments, Randy should be the clear winner here.

He made his presence felt in multiple weight classes when was in the UFC;

  • He is a 3-time UFC heavyweight champion
  • 2-time UFC light heavyweight champion
  • Interim UFC light heavyweight champion
  • And won the UFC 13 heavyweight tournament
  • Randy Couture was also the first fighter to hold 2 UFC titles in 2 different divisions. That’s right folks he did it before Conor McGregor.

Exciting Contest

Though Henderson and Couture never met inside the octagon during their careers. This competition has given a nice chance for people to appreciate the skills that these 2 greats of MMA possessed.

Randy’s accomplishments speak for themselves and he should make it to the top of this Bloody Elbow competition.

He has remained close to the sport even after retirement. He runs an MMA training gym Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas, Nevada.

So go and let your voices be heard. Vote Couture.

Make sure that The Natural makes it to the final showdown!


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