The United Kingdom will bear witness to an O2 Arena extravaganza with Derbys’ very own knockout specialist, Zach Parker who will be fighting another UK native, Islington-born John “The Gorilla” Ryder for the WBO Interim Super-Middleweight World Title. The fight will take place on Saturday the 26th November 2022 with promoter Frank Warren hosting the fight

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  • The Derby Ram, Zach Parker

  • Queensberry Promotions, Press Conference

  • The Gorilla, John Ryder

  • Queensberry Promoter, Frank Warren

The Derby Ram, Zach Parker

Finally after a year of reschedules, setbacks and renegotiations Derby representative Zach Parker moves on from the delay-train that is “Boo-Boo” Demetrius Andrade. Andrade had dropped out of the match up twice in the year

The first time a serious shoulder injury around the start of the year prevented him from taking any opportunities whatsoever. And Secondly, instead of taking on his opponent in full force after he healed up. Demetrius went on to desire renegotiations on the basis that he would prefer a “Bigger Fighter” in a bigger division.

Demetrius further called out Saul Alvarez and Gennadiy Golovkin, the only fighters ahead of him in the division. After not receiving any major response from either Demetrius put out a statement that the big fighters keep avoiding him. Since then the community’s favor has significantly dropped the once beloved Demetrius Andrade. 

In the meantime Zach Parker is being hailed as the most patient and deserving fighter of the entire division. His knockout finishing power record at 72.73{317a7769e272dec17b69bda26c6a5a4c5e6799efcd8a85f72cb552b76862c2b9} of his total fights. His record stands strong at 22 wins, 0 losses of which 16 were knockouts.

Parker has blasted out every fighter behind him since teaming up with Frank Warren and Queensberry. Scoring brutal knockouts victories over Vaughn Alexander, Sherzod Khusanov and Marcus Morrison – three men who had not previously been stopped. If he manages to score another knockout against John Ryder and win the WBO Interim Super-Middleweight bout, a world title opportunity against Canelo Saul Alvarez will await him.

Three weeks ago, Demetrius Andrade pulled out of his WBO Interim Super-Middleweight Title fight against Zach Parker. Now, Parker has a new opponent, a date, and a location, as he’s officially set to take on John Ryder atop a November 26th Queensberry show at the O2 Arena.

Queensberry Promotions, Press Conference;

Here’s what Derby Pride Parker had to say about the upcoming fight on the latest Queensbury Press Conference:

“Yeah 100{317a7769e272dec17b69bda26c6a5a4c5e6799efcd8a85f72cb552b76862c2b9} it will, he has been in there with the best so I’ve just got to go out and do a number on him and then I will have arrived on the world scene. It is going to be a good fight At least he’s got the balls to come and fight me, unlike Andrade. He always brings it, so if we both do that and meet in the middle, it will be one for the fans.”

“I have kept an eye out for him, although obviously he was at middleweight, but now he has come up with a good few wins and had a close one with Callum Smith. I thought we might meet down the line and here we are. Frank is the man who has made it happen and I can’t wait for fight night now. That he has done this for me is a sign of the trust we have.”

“I trust Frank and he trusts me. We were going to have the Andrade fight in Derby but the season has started now so we will have a good night for the fans at the 02 and may the best man win.”

“It should be a good fight, but I reckon I will get a stoppage over Ryder. I think he is just a bit too small for Super-Middleweight. He has boxed some but they have taken him lightly, thinking they are gonna beat him easily.”

The Gorilla, John Ryder

“The Gorilla” of Islington is the challenge that Zach Parker will be facing on Saturday the 26th of November. Since moving up to Super-Middleweight Ryder has won 9 of his 11 matches and is currently on a 3 fight win streak. His performance in the last three bouts has been nothing short of formidable. 

Two of the last three bouts were full 10-12 round wars and one being a stunning 5th round knockout. Ryder’s competition seems to be the very best in both Super-Middleweight and Middleweight. He originally began his professional career in the Middleweight divisions however his last nine fights have been moved up a weight category.

The only two losses in those 9 fights are to be looked at skeptically as one was a relatively contested split decision and the other against Light-Heavyweight top contender Callum Smith. Many media outlets and boxing analysts, including Mike Costello and Steve Bunce, however scored Ryder Vs Smith a clear draw. 

On the other hand his last performance against ex Middleweight Title holder, “Miracle Man”, Daniel Jacobs is an excellent example of how dangerous an opponent he can be. If Ryder shows up in similar form. He may be exactly the right type of challenge for the undefeated Derby Ram Zach Parker.

Queensberry Promoter, Frank Warren

Promoter Frank warren has had this to say about the upcoming event:

“We have got a cracking show lined up for the 02 Arena, headlined by what should be an absolute stormer between our man Zach Parker and the highly respected John Ryder for the WBO Interim World Title at Super-Middleweight. We were expecting Zach to come up against Demetrius Andrade, but him stepping away from the fight has given us a bigger domestic clash against the next ranked contender in Ryder. The winner will be in a fantastic position for when Canelo Alvarez is forced back into action at Super-Middleweight, or elects to vacate his belts.”

RDX Sports couldn’t be more proud of Zach’s patience and perseverance in the one year wait of Andrade. We consider Parker the easy favorite for the fight. And given his track record we expect that on the 26th the Rams will still be standing tall at the O2 Arena. Parker is the best contender for the WBO Interim Super-Middleweight Title and John Ryder is just a formality on Zach’s road to gold.


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