An unexpected injury and an early stoppage in the super fight between Zach Parker Vs John Ryder. The two fighters looked to be brewing an extremely competitive bout. Zach Parker was ducking diving and building momentum. In the other corner, John Ryder was still getting his shoulder gears warm for his power shots.

Table Of Contents

  • Zach Parker Vs John Ryder

  • Play By Play

  • Round 1

  • Round 2

  • Round 3

  • Round 4

  • Post Fight Interviews

  • John Ryder In The Post-Fight Interview

  • Zach Parker On The Unfortunate Injury

Zach Parker Vs John Ryder

Parker Vs Ryder took place at The 02 Arena in Greenwich, London, U.K. on Saturday the 26th of November and was witness to a match of epic interim WBO super-middleweight proportions. But before both fighters could even get into their respective flows, the Parker corner called an end to the fight.

Both fighters looked extremely comfortable coming into the fight. After a good media week to promote the fight, both John and Zach had garnered the attention of a decent crowd. Especially after a thrilling and intense face-off. 

As a top contenders bout, this fight may decide who faces off against Canelo Alvarez for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Both Eddie Hearn from Matchroom Boxing and Frank Warren from Queensbury Promotions wish to see their prized super-middleweight fighters go on to see a chance at the belt.

Play By Play

Referee Victor Loughlin speaks to the fighters about the rules and lets Zach and John touch gloves which they respectfully do.

Round 1

Both fighters look fresh and loose. Zach in gold & white and John in black, they trade a few jabs, and John pressures Zach into the corner. Zach pressures him with some short punches and test jabs. Ryder uses the clinch to land a few body shots with Zach pushing him off.


Round 2

Zach shoots a few accurate jabs using his reach to keep Ryder at distance. All the while using his speed and movement to stay out of the way of Ryder’s powerful counter shots at the body. Ryder is putting a lot of power behind some of those hooks and does land a few. 


Round 3

Ryder lands a powerful two-punch combo and holds a Philly-shell defense to avoid damage. Parker looked more and more warmed up as the rounds progressed. Especially with how light he is on his feet changing angles and finding different strikes on John. He lands a hard jab to the face while skipping out of the counter.


Round 4

An exciting start to a powerful round for both fighters. It looks like Zach is getting more and more pressure on John to land powerful combinations. John’s power is also shining through now that he’s found his range and feet against the taller opponent. Zach moves in for a three-punch combination and lands two of them; the final uppercut however lands at an angle seemingly. Parker is seemingly unfazed and carries on dodging strikes.

Zach asks for a few seconds as his mouth guard has fallen out and the contest returns to the center with his corner providing him a new one. The final moments of the round end with the breaking of a clinch.

As we wait for the next round to start we see Parker explain something to his corner very sternly. They call for the referee who announces the fight will be waived off due to injury.

Post-Fight Interviews Ryder vs Parker

Both fighters spoke to the media afterwards stating how they felt about the awkward match result.


John Ryder in the post-fight interview: 

“I’m standing pretty now,” stated Ryder. “It would be a dream to fight Canelo on Cinco de Mayo… whenever or wherever. It’s a great win for me. This is where I want to be, whether to fight Canelo for any of the four belts, so be it.”

“Zach started well, got behind the job well, and was peppering me a bit there,” reacted Ryder afterward. “I felt like the tide might be starting to turn and I was getting more on top, but these things happen in boxing. It is a bad injury for him and it feels like half a robbery victory for me.”

Zach Parker on the unfortunate injury:

“Obviously I am absolutely gutted,” added Parker. “It was at the start of the round, I hit him with an uppercut and you can see from my hand that it is out now. “

“He is obviously a good lad who will go on and do good things in boxing and I will come back stronger. I was warming into the fight and it was becoming a good fight. When the injury happened at the start of that last round I kept having to move because every time I jabbed him it was hurting and clicking.”

Although Zach wasn’t able to perform this year over setbacks with Demetrius and now additionally injuring his hand during Ryder Vs Parker. We at RDX Sports wish him the best and a speedy recovery. His power and skill level is unmatched in the WBO super-middleweight division and he will be back soon to prove it. Whether that be against Andrade, Caleb Plant, or Title holder Canelo Alvarez.


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