Paleo Diet Plan And Health Benefits

Nutrition-based health alternatives that help attain agility, muscularity and a slim, toned body are the basis of Paleo diet. Paleo diet replaces processed and refined foods with a variety of grass-fed meats, fruits and vegetables, seafood, eggs, seeds and nuts. Also known as the stone-age diet or caveman diet, the food preferences in this diet are similar to those present in the Paleolithic era i.e. consuming foods that could only be gathered or hunted.

Devising A Robust Paleo Diet Plan


Assorted Proteins – Different Animal Sources

The best way to add healthy proteins to your diet is to consume meat from different animal sources. Often, while consuming lean meats, the significance of bone broth, collagen and offal is overlooked. It is important to add organ meats and gelatinous substances into your diet to obtain the perfect Paleo effect.

Optimal Vitamins And Minerals – Wild, Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Wild, fresh fruits and vegetables are free from any chemicals, making them purest reserves for vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Wild plants are naturally strong and lose their benefits as they age. So consuming any fruit or vegetable that is fresh and free from pesticides helps you gain added strength and vitality, helping body fight cancer, brain damage and skin diseases.

Saturated Fats – Nuts & Seeds

A common misconception is the limitation of saturated fat to enhance overall health. However, Paleo offers healthy fats in the form of nuts and seeds and oil from olives, coconut and fish, which help reverse obesity, diabetes, cancer and memory loss.

Health Benefits Of Paleo Diet

In the recent times, the rise in quick fix alternatives to traditional, natural foods have led to a wide range of ailments such as diabetes, increase in body fat, cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases. The stone-age diet provides healthy, wholesome food choices to shallow calorie substitutes making body’s natural defense stronger. Paleo diet helps regain strength as it rules out the consumption of high-fat, processed, sodium-and-calorie-rich foods by replacing them with wild fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are abundantly rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals and help fill up the stomach faster.

Although Paleo is not specifically a weight-loss diet, it aids in losing pounds as more calories are burned in contrast to the amount of calories consumed. However, people targeting weight loss should be mindful that nuts and seeds, which are a part of caveman’s diet are also rich in calories. Their consumption should be limited to achieve desired effects.

Stone-age diet helps in reversing Type 2 diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis. It converses all autoimmune diseases, as it helps healing the root cause of all these ailments: the leaky gut. Paleo foods give the body higher immunity against heart diseases.

Can athletes follow Paleo diet?

If you are an athlete and choose to pursue a Paleo plan, you may need to make a few variations to the typical Paleo-style diet to help boost your performance. Incorporate plenty of carbohydrates from Paleo-approved sources such as fruits and vegetables. You may also need to include foods like sweet and white potatoes or other root vegetables to help get your carb in-take. If your sport is hard and burns a high number of calories, you require more calorie-dense foods like nuts, avocado, coconut, eggs and oily fish such as mackerel and salmon to replenish those you have burnt. Adding up a high-carb pre and post-training snack such as dried fruit and mixed nuts, a fruit salad or squash roasted in olive or coconut oil.