7 Best Training Equipment for Boxing

There’s a reason why boxing is “the” workout of choice for many celebrities and models these days. It is not only battling a quality and cardio workout in one, it is the most perfect way to tone your body and get rid of flab. Having the appropriate boxing training equipment is an essential part of a balanced workout regime. Perfecting techniques with time tell you that you can challenge your inner fighter and feel amazing about it. Let RDX introduce you to the world of boxing with this 7-boxing training equipment that will have you tingling to put on a match of gloves.

  1. Boxing Gloves

Topping the list of essentials, boxing gloves are something you need to invest in before you take up boxing as a workout or a sport. A good pair of gloves will give you the right grip and enhance the strength of your punch tremendously. It is best to invest in a pair that won’t quit on you and last for long. Sweaty hands during boxing was inevitable until RDX introduced its premium quality shock resistant boxing gloves made of nylon mesh and lined with antimicrobial fabric. Nylon mesh palm offers necessary air ventilation while antimicrobial inner lining wicks away sweat to keep hands fresh and clean during the round.

RDX C3 BBBofC Approved Pro Fight Boxing Gloves

  1. Hand Wraps

The sole purpose of wearing hand wraps is to provide better protection to the hand than all other MMA bandages. Hand wraps are considered among the must haves of your boxing kit.  It is best if the wrap is long enough to cover your hand in multiple rounds and has a thumb loop as it gives you added protection and security underneath the glove. To get the ultimate boxing experience it is best to look for a hand wrap that is secure and made of premium quality materials such as RDX HW Professional Boxing Hand Wraps. The extra thick carbon fiber woven fabric enables the wrap to provide maximum security to the hand and has a length of an anaconda to cover your hand and wrist.RDX T17 Aura Boxing Hand Wraps

  1. Bag Gloves

Bag gloves are specifically designed for punching bags and boxing pads. The bag glove has comparatively less padding compared to the usual boxing glove because with a bag glove, you do not have to worry about hurting your opponent or punching too hard. A bag glove is also usually smaller than a boxing glove. The only similar characteristic of a boxing and bag glove is that of the wrist wrap that is necessary to provide good grip that does not make the hand slip inside the glove. Like the boxing gloves, it is necessary to invest in a good pair of bag gloves too as your punch would mean nothing if the glove is not powerful enough to sustain the strength and power you throw. Made with a sturdy Maya Hide™ leather and boosted with a quadruple padding plus shock-absorbing gel and foam, RDX 1P Boxing Bag Gloves are sure to give you the experience of a lifetime while bag boxing. Giving you maximum comfort and providing ultimate protection.RDX 1P Pink Boxing Bag Gloves

  1. Focus Pads

A focus pad is a glove attached to a target and is used to train boxers and other combat athletes. Training on focus pads is the best way to develop fighting reflexes, punching and defense techniques. It also helps you develop a fighting strategy that you can use during the fight and win your way through it. Hitting the focus pad does not only help you achieve a good workout but is also intellectually stimulating. It is also among the most realistic fight training simulation next to sparring. A good quality focus pad should be light in weight and strong on the inside. The endurance level of a focus pad needs to be insane since it must sustain the punches of different intensities. RDX’s RDX O1 Pro Training Focus Pads are one of the best creations for boxing trainers. They’re comfortable and light weight to work with as the feather weight focus pad is easy to handle and allows quick movements without extra consideration.

RDX T17 Aura Boxing Pads

  1. Punching Bag

A punching bag is a sturdy bag designed to be repeatedly punched. It is an ideal bag made to train boxers and combat athletes to develop strength and endurance since it uses a large variety of muscles from your legs, through your core to your arms. It takes an intense 3-minute round to leave you struggling for breathe and to hold your arms up after 4 or 5. Just make sure you wear hand wraps or bag gloves before you take on the punching bag. A good quality punching bag needs to be made of good quality leather such as Maya Hide leather. The punching bags made of Maya Hide leather possess a higher endurance quality than other punching bags that are made of normal regular leather. To have an ultimate punching experience and to get your money’s worth, invest in a premium quality punching bag like RDX F10 Punch Bags, specifically designed to punch as hard as you want. The Maya Hide punch bag is super durable and can last up to a century.  RDX F10 Training Punch Bag

  1. Speed Bag

A speed bag is a great starting point for new boxers as they begin their boxing journey. It helps them improve on their coordination, speed, hand to eye movement and defense. Practicing on the speed bag helps the boxers to be confident and get control over their movements. The ball moves extremely fast, making it nearly impossible to keep track of the repetitions at times. It requires back to back punches to increase speed and focus on the target. A Speed bag is also used to develop stamina for throwing punches. It is usually hand stitched and made of leather. To identify a good speed bag, one needs to have adequate knowledge of premium quality leather bag just like RDX’s cowhide leather speed bag, which is bound to give you the speed of a jaguar and durability of a boxer’s lifetime.

  1. Skipping Rope

Skipping rope is a great form of cardio and is usually considered to be an effortless workout equipment to use. It can be used by a child as well as an athlete, that’s how versatile a skipping rope is. For boxers, it helps building stamina and speed. There are ropes that are specific to height and length but some come with an adjustable setting, allowing you to adjust the rope according to your height. Such is the case with RDX’s C9 Adjustable Skipping Rope which is extremely comfortable to use, made with adjustable steel wire coated in PVC for supreme sturdiness. The grips tied at the end are non-slippery and provide comfortable hold for you to jump comfortably. RDX C5 Adjustable Jump Rope


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