Top 10 Healthy Drinks to Replace Soda

Each year, 8,000 new cases of diabetes are recorded in the world. According to new research, the major cause of increasing diabetes patients are these fizzy drinks and sodas. So it’s about time you replace soda with healthy drinks.

Drinking these bubbly gaseous drinks has now become an addiction for the youngsters. May it be red and blue energy drinks or those sizzling lemon soda’s, this addiction is never enough.

Either you are having a junk food or want an instant refreshing drink, fizzy drinks are your ultimate choice. Almost each one of us is aware of the hazards of these drinks and yet we keep on pouring them inside our throats.

What to sip if we dunk these drinks in our kitchen sinks? Are there any healthy and tasty alternatives that can replace these enemies of our health?

Yes, there are. Have a look!

10. Coconut Water to Replace Soda

Coconut water | Natural Energy Drinks

Coconut water has no flavor or artificial sugars. A healthy drink for your weak heart as it has abundant electrolytes hidden inside it. This is also great for our fitness routines.

9. Diluted Fruit Juice

Add a little water to your juice, and here you have your next healthy drink. Even the unsweetened fruit juices have natural sugar, so adding a little water can convert them into a healthy option.

Take one part of unsweetened juice and pour four parts of water in it.

Enjoy a full strength diluted juice to satisfy your juicy needs.

8. Arnold Palmer

What can be a better option than this refreshing drink to quench thirst in hot sunny days?!

Golf and Arnold Palmer side by side, a perfect treat to enjoy your freedom from fizzy drinks.

Take ½ iced tea and ½ lemonade, your glass of Arnold Palmer is ready.

7. Iced Tea

Make an herbal or flavored tea, and chill it with dozens of ice-cubes. Your iced tea is ready in 10 minutes.

You can also add a few slices of fresh and ripe fruits on the top of your tea for a flavory touch.

6. Lemonade

An all-time favorite and most popular drink, especially for the 90s kids. You can replace anything and everything but not this ‘old is gold’ drink. Add the liquor of two lemons in a glass of water and your lemon-water is ready.

For a better and healthy taste, add a few pieces of crushed ginger as well.

5. Black Tea

This one is particularly included for the caffeine lovers. To satisfy your caffeine needs, we have a simple yet healthy alternative for you.

Full of minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins, black tea can be served hot or cold.

For a little sweetness, add honey instead of sugar to satisfy your sugar-intake.

4. Flavored Milk

If you are the one who hates to drink milk, you are at the right spot. Many mothers add fizzy drinks to milk for their annoying kids who make faces at milk.

Save yourself the worry of adding fizzy drink in the milk, go and buy a pack of flavored milk. Or you can also make one yourself.

Add vanilla or dates and milk in the blender to prepare your very own flavored milk. You can also add a couple of mangoes or strawberries to make a fruit milk.

3. Kombucha

You might not have heard the name of this one. Kombucha is the fermented tea that is prepared by adding a culture of bacteria and yeast to the solution of tea.

It is one of the most popular tea in menu cards of the top-notch restaurants across the world.

2. Pimped-Up Water

Nutritionists suggest that we should use natural flavors with water.

Mash some fresh foods with herbs and add it in the bottom of the glass. You can try peaches or berries with lemon or basil.

Add water and ice-cubes on the top, and your drink is ready.

1. Vegetable Juice

Topping our list is the vegetable juice for a memory boost and better heart health.

You can try avocado, cucumber, or kale that have numerous benefits of their own.

But how are you going to drink such a bitter and weird juice? Here is the tip: add lemon juice or vinegar mellows after preparing your vegetable drink.

replace soda

Now you have a long list of healthy alternatives to replace your fizzy drinks. You are responsible for your health, so stop using these unhealthy drinks and switch on to the ones that compliment your health.

Stay tuned to our blog to find out the smart tips and tricks for weight maintenance. Happy Health!