The Anthony Joshua Diet Plan

Anthony Joshua is currently busy training for his upcoming match against Kubrat Pulev. The match is going to take place in Cardiff on Oct 28 and has already broken ticket sale records. A lot of fighters and boxing fans must wonder what kind of diet AJ eats when he is in training camp for a fight. Wonder no more, we have the monstrous Anthony Joshua diet right here.

The Anthony Joshua Diet

Anthony Joshua Diet

AJ is currently the unified IBF and WBA world heavyweight champion.

If you have had the chance to see the man fight or out in the street in person, then you know that he is huge.

He stands 6’ 6” and weighs at muscle filled 113kgs.

That frame requires a lot of fuel and during training that fuel needs to be kicked up a notch.

Unlike boxers in other weight classes, heavyweights don’t have to worry about a weight cap. This is the reason why AJ’s diet consists of about 5000 calories per day.

That is a massive calorie count but still less than the diet Gregor Clegane a.k.a. Bjornsson eats.

If you were a heavyweight champion of the world, like Anthony Joshua, then you would be eating a diet like this;


  • Cup of coffee (Coffee is discontinued during fight week)
  • Five eggs, fried or boiled
  • Avocados
  • Spinach
  • Three pieces of whole wheat bread
  • A smoothie that contains fresh fruits, oats, yogurt, milk, and honey


  • A hefty serving of whole grain pasta with vegetables
  • Chicken breasts, fried or grilled
  • Yogurt with fruits, nuts, honey, and other ingredients when needed.


  • Fish, fried or grilled
  • Quinoa
  • Brown rice
  • Fruit juice
  • Protein shake

Lots of protein are included in dinner because you need to feel full when you go off to sleep and recover your strength.

With that kind of diet, Joshua trains for hours during the day. Cardio, weight training, boxing training, etc. are all part of his daily workout routine.

He also has a cheat food, chocolate.

On Fight Day

The diet plan above is for training camp, where AJ focuses on carbs and protein intake. The diet plan changes slightly on fight day.

The brown rice is replaced with white rice and whole grain pasta with white pasta.

He eats his meal about 4 hours before the fight and makes sure he eats foods that aid digestion and provide his with the energy that he requires in the ring.

Anthony Joshua Diet

Anthony Joshua is an elite level athlete and he knows exactly what his body requires during training camp and right before the fight. He consults with his nutritionist to create the diet plan that can get him through the training camp and get ready for the fight.

Be sure to watch Anthony Joshua take on Kubrat Pulev in a heavyweight bout on Oct 28.

If you fight in the heavyweight class, you should design a diet plan similar to the one above. But do make sure that you are also putting in the amount of work that AJ puts in during training. Otherwise, the 5000 calorie count will only end up hurting you, instead of strengthening you.

So what do you think about this crazy heavyweight diet? Let us know by sounding off in the comments section.

We will be back with another athlete’s diet plan soon, stay tuned!