Brawl in the Hall II proved to be a unique event in the boxing arena. Held at Northfield Hall, the event was sold out and the hall was jam packed when the event started. The crowd was very zealous and cheering and the entire hall remained energetic till the very end.

One of the most interesting features of the event was the presence of Jordan Marsden, a deaf fighter, who was able to achieve victory against his opponent Sam Oats in an interesting fight. By adding a deaf fighter to the event, Left Jab Promotions and RDX Sports fulfilled their corporate social responsibility by providing equal opportunity to people with disabilities. Interestingly, there were several deaf people in the audience as well, who cheered when Marsden achieved victory in his fight.

Overall, the event was very successful. Here is the list of fights with their respective winners.

Main Fight – Andy Butlin Vs Josh Collins

The main fight of the Brawl in the Hall 2 was between Andy Butlin and Josh Collins, where Butlin had to defend his title. The duo fought bravely but they were equally good and the fight ended in a draw.

Apart from the main fights, here is the list of the rest of the fights from Brawl in the Hall II.

Dan Petty Vs Ashley Taylor – Winner: Ashley Taylor

Liam Larandij Vs Les Wade – Winner: Liam Larandij

Clair Shaw Vs Ellis Hopkins Winner: Ellis Hopkins

Tim Fisher Vs Leon – Winner: Tim Fisher

Jack Martin Vs Frank Lewis Winner: Frank Lewis

Sam Oats V Jordan Marsden Winner: Jordan Marsden

Redman Brown Vs Percy Hess – Winner: Redman Brown

Steven Whelan Vs Pete Shirt – Winner: Pete Shirt (First round knockout)

Ashley King Vs Tam Drakes-Sedan – Winner: Ashley King


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