9 Tips To Get The Crunch From Your Cardio Workout

Like it or not, cardio workouts such as interval training or kickboxing play a significant role in losing weight, maintaining good health and achieving a notched-up athletic performance. Typically, cardio workouts increase the heart rate and elevate lung performance, while exhausting extra calories in the body. But if you are looking to add more impact for an intense cardio workout, consider using the following add-ons. Not only will they improve your heart health, but they will also give you added strength and improve your overall fitness.

Try Not To Tread On The Treadmill

If you are confined to hitting the treadmill every time you think cardio, you need to re-assess your strategy. There are plenty of ways you can notch up the intensity of your workout and enter into the aerobic zone without having to spend dedicated hours running. Lifting weights, like dumbbells or kettlebells, is a great option for an intensive strength training regime. In order to get the most out of the routine, opt for minimal rest between each set i.e. not more than half a minute.

Start And Pause

There are loads of articles on the benefits of interval training so it’s futile sharing that information here. As long as you are creative with HIIT, you can get an impactful workout. Whether you are considering taking up a biking tour, a run on the track or some rows on the machine, the key to getting encouraging results is to put in your best, rest and repeat.

Tap Into The Power Of Tabata

Another way to feel the burn is to get yourself enrolled in Tabata classes. Tabata workout is an HIIT routine that lasts 4 minutes. It consists of 20 seconds of workout followed by ten seconds of rest in 8 cycles. The idea, however, is to exert all of your effort in those 20 seconds.

Think Out Of The Box

When you consider doing an interval workout, don’t simply confine yourself to traditional running or cycling regimes. Consider incorporating a couple of workout schemes such as strength training to get results quickly. In order to make this happen, you don’t need to get yourself enrolled in a boutique gym. Rather than sprinting and pausing, invest your rest period performing bodyweight exercises.

Carry The Load

An easy way to add impact is to carry a basket in a store rather than using a cart. Though the practice isn’t something new, this minor movement can have a profound effect on your overall health. Carrying weights while running or walking helps improve strength and quickens the recovery of fast-twitch muscles. Just be careful about your form; carry as much as you can while maintaining a good posture.

Speed Matters

Have a liking for running? Though hitting the treadmill may not sound exciting for you, it comes with its own perks. The belt aids in leg turnover and improves consistency and pace. It may also act as a morale booster, if you run faster than you think you can.

Adjust The Incline

While you keep hitting the treadmill, don’t forget to adjust the incline. With a steep incline, you can guarantee a quicker heart rate to burn your calories. Sprinting up an incline of 5.5 percent or higher will help develop your legs and core while enhancing your overall speed and running form.

Don’t Look For Support

With a steep incline and high speed, you don’t need to look for support. Holding onto the handrail can do more harm than good. Placing your hands on the top or side of the treadmill for support can lower the amount of energy exerted and oxygen consumed, making your workout lack full impact. Start with your hands free and then swing arms from your bust to your bottom.

Make It A Flexible Habit

Multiple researches show that exercising first thing in the morning helps to turn it into a routine. Timing might play a crucial role for other workouts, but you can enjoy the benefits of a cardio workout without worrying about the timing. In fact, some studies show that cardio has amazing benefits when performed at night.