Coach the Real MVP this Mother’s Day

Even though you’re under plenty of stress and can barely find time for yourself or what you love, this pressure is barely even half of what could’ve been. Can you guess why that is?

If It’s Tough for You, It’s Tougher for Her

Meetings or exams or projects, yes they’re quite a handful, but imagine having to look after all these things for three or four others well. Your food, your health, relations – your house even – all these things are cared for and then some by a mother.

Take Charge

But in doing all this, the mom in your life definitely compromises on herself. One major part of that compromise is her health and fitness. So how about you start looking into that this Mother’s Day? And don’t make it a onetime thing. Treat this day as a starting point for her fitness journey. Don’t limit it to just your mother. Maybe you’ve got a sister who’s a mom, or maybe you’ve got a wife. Maybe you’re a parent to someone who’s about to become a mother. All they need is a gesture that let’s them know there are people out there looking out for them.

Take Her to a Gym, or Bring the Gym to Her

How do we do that? Start looking up simple routines or exercises she can follow. Do some research on some straightforward equipment you can get her that she can easily use or set up. Or, maybe, get her a gym membership! If she’s already motivated, the extra push from you this Mother’s Day would be enough to get her on the road to a healthier and better lifestyle.

All this would translate to her being better at everything. A healthier form and lifestyle will get rid of those aches and pains she feels but never complains about. Workouts will greatly affect her ability to handle physical and mental stress. Her quality of life will drastically change, and so will yours by extension.

Celebrate with RDX Sports

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