Cormier vs. Jones – Revenge vs. Redemption

UFC 214 is just around the corner and it brings the potential climax for a 7-year-old rivalry between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones. Cormier versus Jones 2 has been the most anticipated UFC match in recent history.

The light heavyweights had a memorable match at UFC 182 and the fans have been waiting for the second meeting that has been on the cards ever since.

Unfortunately, because of one reason or another, the UFC could not make the match happen.

Revenge & Redemption

Now there are only 5 days to go until the self-proclaimed UFC light heavyweight champion (because he never lost the belt) and the current champion will be in the octagon to prove who the real champ is.

Cormier is looking to get revenge.

He hasn’t lost a match since his loss to Jones. He wants to prove, even if he is older, he can still beat Jones.

Jones is looking for redemption.

He has had issues that kept him out of the ring for months. The trouble with the law. The suspension. He wants to leave all that behind and show everyone that he is one the most skilled fighters in the MMA world.

Photo by: UFC

The Narratives

Fans have picked sides. The narratives differ with whichever fighter you support.

Protagonist-antagonist, good-evil, goliath-goliath; whatever role they are given, the aggression and authentic animosity are very clear between the two.

The most exciting part is that there is no love between the two and the rivalry will not die down even after the fight is over. There will be no burying of the hatchet here.

Photo by: AP

If things proceed as they are progressing, then this could be the biggest rivalry in UFC history.

The most important questions that everyone can’t wait to get the answers for are:

Has Daniel Cormier made the necessary adjustments since their last meeting?

He has looked phenomenal in his last 4 fights, going 4-0.

What will Jon Jones bring to the octagon after being out for about a year?

He still looks to be in top shape, but there must be some rust to deal with.

You must tune in Sat Jul 29 to find out what the climax Cormier-Jones will be. Who do you think will come out on top? Sound off in the comments below.

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