How to Discover your Fighting Style

When you have decided to get into combat sports, whichever you like the most, a very important question arises. What will be your fighting style? If you are in MMA, will you adopt Conor McGregor fighting style? You may even think about trying the drunken style of fighting.

Probably not a good idea that one.

So what is the best fighting style?

There is not right answer to that because you have to find the fighting style that suits your skills and weaknesses.

Worry not…

We are here to help you discover exactly what fighting style you should adopt.

Discovering your Fighting Style

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Here are a few steps that you should take;

Step 1 – Assessment of your Skills

Whether you are a boxer or an MMA fighter, you need to do a self-evaluation of your skills.

There are some traits that you possess that will help you adopt certain fighting styles more easily.

You may be long and lanky, which means that you can fight outside and keep your distance from your opponent.

If you are short and stocky, you will have to get in close and develop an inside fighting style. In this case you also have to train yourself to survive hits.

Someone with natural stamina can play the long game and tire opponents out. Like Floyd Mayweather.

A natural high KO power means you want to knock opponents out quickly. Like a Gennady Golovkin.

Find what natural abilities you have and move on to the next step.

Step 2 – Find your Weaknesses

When you have learned about your talents, it’s time to find your weaknesses.

There are very few fighters, even in the professional realm, that are flawless.

A fighter may be powerful but lack quickness. Another may be quick but lack reach or fight IQ.

If you have naturally defensive disposition, then that is your weakness. You have to learn how to counter and defend better.

If you are fast and aggressive, then use that speed to dodge and counter better.

Step 3 – Spar to Discover Style

Fighting is the best way to learn your fighting style.

Spar with a partner and try different strategies. Not all of them will pan out.

But you will eventually find one that works for you.

Take a couple of rounds to see how the opponent fights.

Or go at the opponent from starting bell.

Try different varieties and see which one suits you and doesn’t end with you flat on the mat.

Step 4 – Find Inspiration

Find fighters that have the same body type as you and watch them fight.

Not to copy them but to see how they move.

You can take some moves from them and give them a spin of your own and give them a try.

Step 5 – Watch your Technique

Have a friend tape you when you are fighting.

Watch this tape later and see what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.

You will see the mistakes and improve upon them to have the best fighting style.

Step 6 – Organic Growth

Fight and learn as you go.

Don’t try to force yourself into something that you are not a natural at.

You have to let your fighting style evolve naturally.

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Study, practice, and correct your mistakes and soon you will have a fighting style that is perfect for you.

Follow these steps and gradually you will craft a style that suits you as a fighter. You will try and fail many times during this process but pick yourself and keep trying until you have got what you need.

Eventually you will be able to cover your weaknesses, showcase your strength, and gain success inside the ring, all thanks to your fighting style.