Strengthen Your Body And Bonds With Family Workouts

Plan some family workouts to help strengthen your body and bonds, which have been compromised a lot lately owing to your busy lifestyle. These family workouts are quite easy to perform and have no added requirements.  No longer you need to take out time for your gym and family gatherings when you get the most of both activities by engaging into truly fulfilling family workouts.

Take A Family Stroll

Whether you are planning to go grocery shopping or looking for a long, serene walk, adding a stroll into your family workout list is a good way to catch up with your health and some loving moments. So make most of your weekend by getting out on the road along with your kids. Strap the little ones in their strollers and take a tread on a health path.

Let The Music Play

When was the last time you literally shook your ass off to your favourite tune? Walk down the memory lane and relive your moments with the people you love the most. Choose your favourite songs and boogie the night away. You can make it more exciting by inviting a few neighbours or family friends.  Encourage your kids to sway to their favourite songs by making the evening energizing.

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Play The Chores

Who says that households are downright boring? Bring in your creativity and play along with the chores. Divide your family into two groups and assign them separate tasks. Let the winner team have a special dinner. Alternatively, you can get your children more engaged by telling them about the “dust agents” that have taken over the earth. Now the Captain [child’s name] duty is to save planet home with his weapons – vacuum cleaner and a duster. You will see piled up household chores finishing off in no time!

Let Go Of Your Comfort Zone

For a change let go of your comfort zone and put in effort that would do you a lot of benefit. Instead of driving your kid to his best buddy’s house, walk him there. You can also jog with your family to a park or drop them at school on foot. If your destination is too far away, travel some distance in a car and then walk them for at least 10 minutes. This is an excellent way to communicate with your children whilst keeping your health intact.

Your TV Ads Are Your HIIT Intervals

Perform simple exercises at great intensity such as squats, push-ups and sit-ups until your show is on air again. The family member with most moves will get to decide which show the family watches. So if you miss watching cartoons, this might be your night.

Garden Your Heart Out

There’s nothing that kids love more than being close to nature. You can get your children involved in digging and gathering leaves in your backyard. Research shows that gardening activities show similar effects as weight training. Planting vegetables with your kids will help them associate to them better, making their appetite rich.