Home Gym – Your Portable Fitness Fix

Too Caught Up

Junior’s hockey practice is today. You can’t miss it for a third time. You’ve also got that dinner with the in-laws and you’ve exhausted the number of passes your wife had given you. So there’s that – plus, you need to figure out how to stay available for that business deal that’s about to go down.

Too Caught Up

You’re at a point where you can take on anything that life throws at you, but that’s about it. You don’t have time to go after things when everyone’s in your lane coming at you, your fitness being one of them.

Aching Reminders

Aching Reminders

But occasionally, you realize that you need to do something about it. When you wake up with a bad neck, or an aching back on your way home, or when you’re lacking the enthusiasm to plan trips with the family on weekends, you know something’s up.

Still, no matter what you do, you just can’t find the time for it. It’s the thought, that’s what matters right?


WRONG! You’ve got absolutely no time to commit to a gym? That’s okay! A healthy and fit lifestyle isn’t limited to a gym. Go for something that you can schedule into your hectic routine. Something that you can maybe take with you wherever you go or set-up in the corner of your office. Invest in a Home Gym!

Bring ‘Gym’ Home

Bring Gym Home

Health and fitness were there long before gyms. Modern commitments don’t do much for your health and fitness. This is why you need to sneak activities into your daily routine that complement your fitness goals.

A Home Gym can be a variety of things. It can be a small set-up at your office, or at your home. It can be something light and portable that you can carry with you wherever you go. Whatever the gear, you can look up routines that you can spread across the day and make use of those 5 to 10 minutes you get every now and then. Don’t waste time scrolling on your cell phone or spinning a fidget spinner. Get to work!

Here are a few products for you to consider if you’re thinking about setting up a Home Gym:

RDX FB Fitness Sandbag

RDX FB Fitness Sandbag
  • The thick foam jacket makes for easy filling.
  • EVA-LUTION FOAM™ under layer for shock resistance and cushioning.
  • High quality RDX® Zipper closure.
  • Handcrafted to perfection.

RDX F12 8pc Punching Bag Set with Gloves

RDX F12 8pc Punching Bag Set with Gloves
  • Gel-foam padded RDX Gloves.
  • Powdered heavy duty RDX 16 Gauge Ceiling Hook.
  • 4 heavy duty suspension chains.
  • Twin layered non-tear RDX G-Core™ Punch bag.

RDX X1 Arm Blaster for Biceps Curl

RDX X1 Arm Blaster for Biceps Curl
  • High quality nylon wrapped durable steel.
  • Flexible neoprene neck and elbow padding for comfort.
  • Perforated belt for enhanced breathability and ventilation.
  • Ergonomically designed to keep arm and shoulder separate.
  • Measures 23L x 4W x 4H and weighs 1kg for maximum support

RDX X6 Hooded Sauna Sweat Suit

RDX X6 Hooded Sauna Sweat Suit
  • Durable Nylon backed by a thick layer of PU to encourage perspiration by 20%.
  • Elasticated cuffs, ankles, waistband and base to ensure minimum thermal displacement.
  • Drawstring hoodie regulates heat ventilation.
  • Machine washable – non-tear design promising multiple washes.
  • Duo-stitched for endurance, this slim-fit design is untearable and unisex.