How to Punch Harder and Faster?

Punching harder and faster is not an easy task but if you follow few simple tips, you’ll be able to hit stronger and more damaging punches with improved speed and strength. Using greater force is what everyone can do but that’s not all. You need to use some specific equipment and practice in a certain way to master punches quickly. Here are the tips which you must follow if you want to hit punches with greater speed and strength.

Punching Bags

Using punch bags for practicing punches is one of the best ways to improve your punching power as well as speed. So buy a good quality punching bag and start performing long-term heavy bag work outs. Make sure that your method of punching is accurate. Consult a trainer if feasible. Moreover, use durable boxing gloves for punching.

punch bags

Speed Balls

Speed balls are used by professionals for improving their punching precision and power. Buy yourself a high quality speed ball and start using it regularly for improving not only your punching speed and accuracy but also your hand to eye coordination and punch timing.

speed ball exercise


Shadowboxing is a great way to improve your fighting skillset. Shadowboxing basically means to practice all your moves which you perform in the ring without actually facing an opponent. You don’t need anything to perform it. However, using the equipment which you are supposed to use inside the ring for the actual fight is recommended if you want to practice in a better way.


Find a good trainer and start practicing all your punches. Hit the pads and learn how to punch precisely. Train well and train regularly as it is the key to perfection. Keep on increasing the time of your daily training sessions with the passage of time to see better results in no time.

Improve Your Muscles – Work Out Harder

Start working out on a regular basis and improve your biceps and triceps to punch harder using greater force and power. Perform different exercises like dumbbell bicep curls, concentration curls, bench dips, etc. Don’t skip your workouts and stay regular for even better results. Try visiting a gym if possible and if not, then perform the best workouts for home by searching the internet or asking a professional or an expert.