Humanity’s Darkest Hour Is A Story of Courage

The start of this decade came with a reality check that nature is the ultimate dictator of circumstances and humanity has to follow its will. The truth to the above statement cannot be refuted but the history of mankind is a testament to their resolve to always give nature the real fight. Be it the ice age, pandemics, natural disasters and other grave periods planet earth has witnessed for the past few million years, living organisms found their way to survive.

Fast forward to 2020, history repeated itself when there was not just a lockdown to induce physical distance but there was a lockdown on mankind to dream, achieve and above all its freedom. This is where the eye of the tiger came into play, their pupils dilated as survival instinct crept in, ‘No, we will not give in’ was the mantra in their hearts and minds.

Amongst these was the Combat Sports community which RDX Sports is proud to be a part of, came together for one common goal which was keeping the fight inside and outside of the ring going as giving up was not an option. Dreams are meant to endure and endure it must was the calling as the entire industry moved forward when others were scaling back. New lines were launched, fitness packages were created, homemade content inspired and logistics were revamped with fresh SOP’s to meet demand. 

Tony vs Khabib UFC 249

Slowly and steadily, not without logistical hiccups due to social distancing and shortage of labor of course, the industry was able to set a strong foothold for the sport to make a comeback. Amongst the bold ones, were the fighters who didn’t hesitate to take the real fight head on by volunteering themselves in empty arenas just to keep the sport going. They trained at home, they trained in empty gyms, they promoted the will to move on with the hope that one day the arena will return to its former glory. 

Amongst these heroes was the mighty Tony Ferguson who served to be one of the first athletes to return to the ring. Courage and valor are words used in the yesteryears for knights but we wouldn’t be wrong to use the same for athletes like Tony.

Lets not forget our customers, who kept the sport alive by putting in the blood and sweat by setting up home gyms and producing content to inspire others to do the same. The training didn’t stop and when things started opening up, everyone came back stronger than ever before. Their love and hard work even inspired us to launch products for our fitness customers, the new Yoga line proved to be a task that RDX took on to provide state of the art products to fitness customers at lower prices.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” was said by one of the greatest athletes ever produced in sports history Micheal Jordan. It wouldn’t be wrong to rephrase this and say “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence helps you get through a pandemic”.

Although the fight against the coronavirus is far from over, we are stronger and better equipped to move forward to give it a taste of its own medicine and thanks to the community’s efforts, the entire industry is healthier and fitter to Fight the Real Fight in 2022.