UFC 194: Conor McGregor’s greatest fight

Conor McGregor vs. Jose Aldo, the most awaited UFC fight of this year, took place on Saturday at UFC 194 in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was being expected that the fight would be very tough and complicated but it turned out to be a one sided short fight. Aldo’s UFC featherweight title was at stake and he failed to defend it against McGregor, who knocked him out with the renowned, powerful left hand punch in just 13 seconds after the bell rang and the battle began. This title fight is the shortest one in the history of UFC!

McGregor’s 13 second KO surprises the world! – UFC 194

The new champ McGregor had already predicted before the fight that he’ll be a ghost in the octagon. He previously said, “I visualise entering the contest unpredictable. I will pressure him, I will evade him. I will strike him with every limb, the knee, the heel, the fist, the elbow. I will be a ghost in there!” That’s exactly what happened; he really was unpredictable and finished the fight like a ghost within seconds. However, he could not strike Aldo with every limb because Aldo was knocked out by just a single powerful hit.

After winning one of the most critical fights of his career, McGregor possesses a track record of 19-2 while Aldo, after losing his beloved title after 7 successful defences in tenure of 5 long years, holds a record of 25-2. After the glorious victory, McGregor said, “Nobody can take that left hand shot! He’s powerful, he’s fast. But precision beats power and timing beats speed and that’s what you saw there. I feel for Jose, he was a phenomenal champion. We deserved to go a lot longer but I still feel at the end of the day, precision beats power and timing beats speed every day of the week, so it would’ve happened sooner rather than later.”

Aldo said that he wants a rematch with McGregor. He said, “He threw a cross on my chest which I wasn’t expecting and I threw a punch, and he came back with another cross and that was that. I think we need a rematch because that was not really a fight, so we need to get back in here.”