Michael Chandler Puts Opponent Brandon Girtz To Shameful Haze

Friday night witnessed Chandler v Girtz in Family Arena in Missouri all geared up to shred each other into bits in an attempt to snatch the lightweight accolade from previous champ Brent Primus. After the Oregonian champ was forced out of the Friday night’s brawl owing to his injury, the match was replaced between 31-year-old American and the Minnesotan artist.

The match was speculated to offer immense power; however, the action that followed was more eccentric than what the MMA’s fans had imagined. The previous year’s fight had left Michael with a deep discontentment over his TKO loss to Primus. Though 31-year-old American artist had claimed not wanting the title back again, his Friday’s night wrangle told a different story. Chandler could not channel his bottled up aggression to win back the lightweight belt from his arch-rival Primus. However, he inflicted his disappointment on Girtz with a record-breaking win at Bellator 197.

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The fight opened with unintentional moves causing Girtz some serious pain. Initially a left kick to the groin of the 33-year-old Minnesotan led to referee Jason Herzog calling out for time. Then the crowd-favourite Chandler accidently poked a finger into his rival’s eye. This called for a doctor examining Girtz’s vision. Once the initial accidents were cleared off, the clash of MMA’s finest artists officially started.

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Girtz started off with promising shots early in the play; however, Chandler soon took the over the reins with his impressive moves. He caged Girtz at the fence, throwing in a right and immediately aiming for a double leg. This sent the Minnesotan flying high in the air as he slammed his rival on the floor. The 31-year-old wasted no time and went for arm-triangle choke putting Girtz to a painful sleep. The Minnesotan passed out in the first round of one of the most anticipated Bellator fight before tapping the 4.00 mark. Chandler celebrated his 15th Bellator victory while his opponent was slandered a shuteye.