Yesterday, Bruce Buffer made a suggestion to Nate Diaz, saying that he should “bow down” every time he sees UFC President Dana White. Nate Diaz was quick to retort back, being highly offended by the improper suggestion made by the popular voice of the octagon, saying that he was not the one who bowed down to anyone or anything, money or no money in a tweet.

This is what the lightweight division artist responded to the seemingly impolite suggestion by Buffer.

“Bruce Buffer wtf get off the Ufc nuts your bowing down right now tellling me to bow down? fuck that u keep bowing down. I Bow down to no one ever for all the money in the world…”

But to MMA’s community surprise, Buffer had other intentions by suggesting the Stockton fighter to bow down. In response to Diaz’s fiery tweet, Bruce cleared the dust on what he actually meant. Surprisingly, the UFC announcer didn’t mean that Diaz should bow down in submission. It was meager request to bow down as when meeting someone humbly. A practice that is common not in America – but in Japan.

So what Buffer was suggesting Nate Diaz was that he shouldn’t bow down to UFC President Dana White treating him as his master, but he should bow down when greeting him as a symbolism of respect.

According to UFC announcer,

“With all respect Nate that is not what I meant by saying the word ‘bow’, I meant it as a sign of respect as in when greeting someone, not a sign of submission as I’d never expect you to do that for anyone.”

Most probably it’s the reprisal that he found difficult to cope with, making him retreat on his stance.

This is clearly a u-twist in what he had said earlier. A day ago, Buffer was counting the monetary blessings the American artist was able to gain from UFC. The voice of the octagon suggested that he should be thankful for the amount of money he is making from his fights, suggesting inappropriately that he should be bowing down to Dana White every time he saw him. According to Buffer,

“Nate, I heard you made 7 or more million dollars in your last fight. I don’t want to hear you complaining about being under promoted by the UFC. You should be thanking the UFC and bowing to Dana White every time you see him.”

However, his derogatory comment didn’t sit well with the MMA community especially Nate Diaz who was very quick to issue a tweet.

It seems that the backlash seemed too much for him to handle, hence the backtrack.

What do you think about Buffer’s response to Diaz’s tweet? Share your views here.


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