Post Easter Fitness Plan – HIIT and Burpees Can Keep Your Shape Intact

Easter is finally over so is the enthusiasm for Easter candies and chocolates. After satiating your sweet tooth, it’s high time you know the toll it’ll play on your fitness. Even the best of health enthusiasts typically don’t keep in mind the extra hours they need to sacrifice to bring their calorie count back to normal. Before you tear open that last chocolate egg, here is for how long you need to work out for indulging in those sweet pleasures.
In order to burn off single deluxe Easter egg calories, you need four hours of walking. Alternatively, an 80-minute-run would help you backslide your calories. You can attain similar results from 61 minutes of burpees or 20 minutes of cardio. The good news is that the calories put on from consuming smaller Easter eggs, can be shed off with less exercise. You need 50 minute-walk or a 20-minute run to burn off calories from a crème egg. Indulging in chocolate hollow egg will require an hour and 15 minutes’ walk or relentless 35 minute-run at 6mph.
Consumption of hot buns need an average of 50-minute run to sweat off the calories.


Easter Treats Amount of Calories Time of Workout
A Single Easter Egg 800 1  hour jogging
Crème Egg 180 15-minute burpees
Whole Bag of Mini Eggs 450 60-minute kettlebells
A Small Easter Bunny 275 30-minute HIIT
Hot Buns 150 50-minute running