Never the humble man, Conor McGregor talks extensively on his journey to becoming the kind of fighter he is today and how he plans to conquer the planet, metaphorically, as the top fighter.

In a column for the Ireland version of The Independent, McGregor described his personality, his desire and his love for the MMA business. He also bashed the “Phonies” who act humble just to be seen kind in front of the eyes of public and explained that he is only arrogant to prove the haters wrong.

‘The Notorious’ said, “I am humble to those who know me. I am arrogant to those who doubt me. And I am ruthless to those who fight me. There is no act. This is who I am.”

McGregor believes in himself and there is nothing the world can say that can deter him from his path to glory.

“Other people’s assessments don’t matter, what they think of me, whether they dislike me or are waiting for me to fail is insignificant. It cannot penetrate the armour of my self-belief,” said the Irish, “I hear people say I am over-confident, cocky, arrogant, all talk. They know nothing. I see a lot of fake humility in this business. They are the phonies. I make my money in a dangerous, brutal game. “

Then he reflected on the success that he has already achieved and promised the world that come July 11, they will see his fight record itself in UFC history as the biggest PPV event it has ever seen.

“At 26 years of age I hold every record in my game. Highest gates. Highest viewing figures. And on July 11th, highest PPV numbers in the UFC. At 26 years of age, I own my game,” said McGregor about his aim for the fight, “The sky is the limit for me and I know it. And I will let it be known every chance I get.”

How McGregor hopes to achieve that? Of course by pulverizing his opponents and vows that Jose Aldo is just another name that will bite the dust by his hands, feet, knees and elbows.

“I step into the octagon to destroy Jose Aldo on July 11. To take what is mine. What people don’t understand is that I’ve been in training camp since I was eight years of age, preparing for this moment for 18 years.”

His aim just doesn’t end at destroying Aldo in the cage, put being crowned as the true pound-for-pound King and replace Jon Jones as a worthy successor.

“I can do things that nobody has ever done before. I am different. I am pound for pound the best fighter on the planet. And I will prove it in two months’ time when I become champion of the world for the third time.”

All of the talk, hype, training and desire will culminate into an explosion on the night of July 11 and we will see the true worth of ‘The Notorious’.


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