A Guide To Choosing The Right Skipping Rope Length

If you’re wondering what you can do with a skipping rope? What are the associated benefits and what exactly should be the rope length of the rope you choose? Our guide will help you learn everything that you need to know in order to start skipping today!

Key Takeaways

  • How Long Should A Skipping Rope Be And How To Start Skipping Today?
  • Benefits Of Skipping Rope
  • Understanding Skipping Rope Length
  • Beginner Level Rope Length 
  • Intermediate Level Rope Length
  • Advanced Level Rope Length 

How Long Should A Skipping Rope Be And How To Start Skipping Today?

Skipping ropes help you improve your muscle strength, burn calories, improve cardiorespiratory fitness, help lose weight and stay active throughout the day. With every day 10 minutes of HIIT skipping rope session, you can stay in shape without worrying much.

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RDX W2 adjustable Skipping Rope

These ropes are great for both adolescents and adults. This is because with a bunch of fun rope exercises you get a joyful and effective full-body workout experience. The good part is that for a skipping rope workout, all you need is a pair of training shoes, a sweat-wicking attire, and a jumping rope. Now you can skip your cardio sessions at the gym and do a few rope exercises instead. 


Benefits Of Jumping Rope 

Jumping rope strengthens your muscles, improves your mental focus, and enhances your muscle efficiency. Jump roping primarily teaches relaxation and physical conditioning. Beginners frequently suffer from overusing their muscles and a lack of relaxation skills. However, you can jump rope for a long time without burning out if you know how to teach yourself to relax.

Jumping rope promotes mental relaxation and calls for a minimal amount of consciousness. It strengthens your arms, shoulders, back, and legs physically. Your footwork gets more fluid and improved. Make sure you understand what to do after a workout, how to properly cool down and hydrate, and how to take good care of your body.

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RDX FP adjustable jump rope for Kids

Jumping rope has been a traditional kids’ hobby for many years. It is still widely used and relevant now for a reason. Your child can gain from a wide range of different things via jumping rope. To maintain their health and well-being and to foster excellent physical development, it is crucial to motivate kids to engage in more physical exercise in today’s environment where they are more and more attached to electronic devices like smartphones, computers, and video gaming systems.

Rope Length 

There are different skipping rope lengths suitable for different types of practitioners. Some skipping ropes come with an inbuilt length adjustment feature. The rest can be trimmed in case of a lengthier wire. 

Beginner Level Rope Length 

To set up the rope to the correct length, stand on the center of the rope and then lift it up from the handles. If the rope ends reach the height corresponding to the chest area, then use the rope for a beginner experience. You can use any rope that lies in the 3 feet plus your height threshold. The appropriate rope length will help you perform the optimal exercises. These exercises and techniques will help you build better stamina. Also, if you’re a beginner, do not forget to make use of an adjustable skipping rope.

After selecting the right rope for the job, start with simpler skipping exercises like basic jumps and alternate foot jumps. Follow Lauren Flaymen on Instagram for more tips and skipping techniques for beginners. You can also follow a YouTube channel Rush Athletics TV to get familiar with different skipping rope exercises that you can include in your daily skipping workout session. 

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RDX W2 adjustable skipping rope

Intermediate Level Rope Length

Once you have an improved technique and have a better hold over your skipping rope. Try using a slightly shorter rope for a more challenging experience. To measure the length, stand on the center of the rope and see if the handles reach the waist. You can use any rope that lies in the 2 feet plus your height threshold. If the length exceeds, trim the excess wire. 

You can try different exercises when you have reached the intermediate skill level. The Boxer step and high knees can help big time. 

The boxer step exercise helps improve your footwork, relaxes the wrists, and increases overall body strength and stability. 

The high knees exercise improves cardiovascular endurance and helps strengthen the abdominal muscles. 

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Advanced Level Rope Length 

If you are someone who has been skipping rope for quite some time now, you probably know the importance of using a rope with a shorter length. For advanced jumpers, handles up to the hip line work best. Make use of any rope that lies between 1 foot plus your height threshold. 

For advanced-level skippers, the jump rope jacks work best. These are kinds of aerobic exercises that work the entire body. 

Watch this short video and understand the differences in rope length. 

Wrap Up!

After getting the perfect rope for yourself. Start with either simpler fun exercises with the rope, or if you are an intermediate skipper, focus on HIIT exercises. The HIIT jump workout will help you burn calories and will aid in improving your cardio strength. 

Now that you have sufficient information regarding which skipping rope to get, grab yours and get started. RDXSports offer a wide range of skipping ropes. There are plenty of kids skipping ropes available too for the young ones to start Moving, Improving, and Evolving from an early age. So stop worrying too much and start your skipping journey today.