Luke Campbell’s trainer, Shane McGuigan believes that the greatest pound-for-pound boxer aims to fight to his advantages by using his size and technique to beat the unified champion, Vasyl Lomachenko on 31st, August in UK.

McGuigan insists if there is a fighter out there with the knack to beat Lomachenko, its Luke Campbell. However, McGuigan isn’t under an impression that Campbell will easily outbox Lomachenko, but does believe they will try to use Campbell’s height, speed, and timing to get the better of the action.



“Campbell is not going to do what Salido did – march him down and use his weight and size because Luke doesn’t have that weight and size,” McGuigan said. “We have to dent him with power, and Luke definitely has the power to dent him.

While Campbell believes he has the right strategy and perfect timing to crash Lomachenko. “I’m fighting the elite of the elite,” Campbell said. “They all get beat in the end, don’t they? Sooner or later. I believe I will beat him.

“I’m confident in the 19 years that I’ve put into this sport, always being disciplined. “Timing is everything.”


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