Tattoos-The Embellishments of Martial Arts

Humans have adorned their bodies with tattoos for thousands of years. Tattoos have been the unspoken introduction of priests, warriors, gender preference, social status, and in extreme cases a sign of punishment. Depending on the client and the artist, tattoos can either be plain or extremely elaborate but always personal.
Since the time humans uncovered their inborn creativity along with their desire for individuality, tattoos became an intrinsic part of cultural evolution. Decoding the symbolism of tattoos can be a challenge, since the paradigm of visual art adoring the human body is different in every culture across the world.

Just like tattoos define different cultures, in the world of sports tattoos reflect the style and culture of their country of origin, e.g. Tae Kwon Do (Korea), Judo (Japan), Kung Fu (China), etc.

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Today tattoos are acceptable, in some cultures whole heartedly to the effect that they have become mainstream. While in others there is still apprehension since in some cultures tattoos still suffer the bad press of being associated with criminal elements, rebellion and the brand of being an outcast. Even today tattoos are looked down upon in “high society”.

But there is one category of individuals who wear their tattoos with pride and utter defiance of society, and that’s is athletes. From world class footballers to wrestlers to MMA fighters, tattoos are revered and celebrated.

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In Boxing and MMA tattoos are a visual depiction of the ideology they most closely identify with. Similar to the fate of tattoos, there was a tie when Martial Artists represented a counter-culture, and in some ways this still holds true. But it is ironic to see these two phenomena collide and inter relate the way martial arts and tattoos do.

After the inception of Ultimate Fighting Championship in 1993, combat sports have moved out of the shadows and taken the world by storm. In view of how MMA links multiple fighting styles and schools, an average fighter could have as many tattoos as he has had fights. While most athletes get tattoos to represent something meaningful or personal, an MMA fighter may choose to do it because their sporting attire allows them to display body art and earn them distinction. One such blatant display of personality can be seen in the UFC legend-turned-bareknuckle boxer Chris Leben. According to Leben his tattoos are a portrayal of himself.

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