The King meets The Beast

Arthur VS Yarde

Manchester vs. London. “King Arthur” finally gets his shot at “The Beast” as both are set to face each other on 11th April in the O2 arena. Both fighters are fierce and resilient with notable records. Neither of the fighters had any compulsion to take on this fight at this stage in their careers but both of them believe that they can win, which would get them a shot at the world title.

Why Fight?

Arthur thinks of himself as the dark horse eager to prove himself on the main stage. With a record of 16-0, he’s going undefeated. In his last fight, Arthur went beyond the 6th round, a first in his professional career, and won his first Commonwealth light heavyweight title.

The Londoner, Yarde, worked his way to the top conquering the WBO, WBO Inter-continental, WBO European and Southern Area light-heavyweight titles. He tore through all but one of his opponents in the process.

Yarde lost the WBO light heavyweight title fight against Sergei Kovalev, his first defeat. Yarde kept his distance in the early rounds, saving momentum for the 6th. Pressing forward in the 7th and 8th round, he landed blows to Kovalev’s head and body. Despite following with a barrage of non-stop blows, Yarde wasn’t able cash in on of any of them, allowing Kovalev to stay on his feet and survive the round.

The following rounds did not favor Yarde as he lost momentum and gave Kovalev the opening to land counter hits, take charge of the fight, and secure victory.

This was his first fight where he went past 7 rounds. Yarde holds an impressive record of 19-1.

Fight Styles….

Anthony Yarde prefers to use a relaxed guard to lure and counter his opponents. He shapes up in a shoulder roll guard but rarely rolls punches. He’s more focused on dipping heavily for defense, high guard counters, and uses the left hook to move forward.

Lyndon Arthur’s fight stance is orthodox, same as Anthony Yarde. However, Arthur uses timing to his advantage. He gets in, jabs to nag at his opponent, throws him off guard, finds an opening, and goes in for the win. He uses his dominant hand to parry while baiting the opponent with the left. He knows how to keep his distance from his opponents to work them up.


Career Stats

Light-heavyweights are well known for delivering devastating knockouts. Yarde holds a remarkable KO percentage of 90  with 18 KOs out of his 20 professional fights. On the other hand, Mancunian, Arthur has a knockout rate of 75 percent, recording 12 KOs out of his 16 bouts.

With Lyndon Arthur all set for a breakthrough opportunity, and “The Beast” hungry for redemption, both fighters are ready at the go. We’re hoping for an epic fight between the two countrymen when they go head to head at the O2 Arena.

This fight will be one to look out for. The fighter who comes out on top will get a shot at the world title.