Simple Rules To Get A Ripped Rig

Fitness models exude a sense of easiness to acquiring those flashy abs. But in all honesty it requires sheer determination and some serious trade-offs. With an undeterred discipline in your workout routine and by incorporating the following rules you can get those shiny lustrous abs that are your biggest obsession.

Choose Carbohydrates Wisely

If you are treading on the path towards sculpted abs then you must be no stranger to the counsel “Carbs are poison for your ripped rag.” That’s not the complete truth. Cutting off carbs from your diet will shed pounds faster but it will also make you feel tired and irritable. Carbs have quite some significance in our lives because our brain needs them for optimal functioning of our nervous system. Discarding carbs from your diet will call out for muscle mass to provide the needed energy. Getting ripped is basically about choosing carbs wisely, not cutting them completely. A right balance of carbs early in the morning and post workout is ideal to maintain your ripped look.

Add More Fat

It’s time to break the myth about fat. Consuming fat doesn’t make you fat. Eating too much food regularly does. Increased intake of fat lets you fight off food cravings that the body battles with as a result of cutting of carbs. Fats also help you stay fuller for more time as body takes longer to break them down. The play a vital role in generating and balancing hormones especially testosterones which provide muscle support. You can’t overlook the fact that you owe your ripped rig to the fats that you eat.

Choose Vegetables Over Fruits

One can’t overlook the importance of fruits when it comes to maintaining a healthy body. They are packed with vitamins and nutrients but on the flip side they are rich in sugars and carbs. How to make the most of these nutritionally dense food options without compromising on your fitness goals? By choosing veggies over fruits lets you get the necessary nutrients and antioxidants while keeping sugar, carb and calorie intake under check. A single red pepper comes with 40 calories and 5 grams of carbs, while a single apple is loaded with 125 calories and 25 grams of carbs. You can do the math now.

Let Go Off Cardio, Try Weights And Circuits  

You are looking for sculpted abs and you rock your cardio machines every day. Right? No. It’s actually wrong. This strategy doesn’t help you gain muscle. Cardio helps burn calories but doesn’t target your muscles for growth. In fact you are shedding calories and fat as many muscles you have. In order to accelerate your muscle growth, perform some weight exercises 3 times a week with 1-day circuit training with a variety of exercises. If you need to incorporate cardio, perform fast-slow intervals 1 day for 20 minutes.

Let Go Off The Booze  

Party boy, eh? Well you need to make a trade-off between flashing a model’s body or getting to party and drink as much as you want. Alcoholic drinks start storing the fat which the body has set aside as energy reserves. Your body halts the food digestion until the liver excretes out alcohol present in the body. Alcohol has diuretic properties making you feel dehydrated, and lowers testosterones levels in the body, which help create muscle mass. So next time you plan a bachelor’s night, just enjoy two beers, or single hard drink. If you feel tempted, gulp down regular soda. No one will know about your tiny secret except the bartender.