The Ultimate Leg Workout – Get Toned, Strong Legs

Have you been facing problems fitting into your skinny jeans lately? Do you crave for killer legs that add the oomph factor wherever you carry yourself? In all honestly, you do. In fact you are dying to have those tapering legs.  Here are simple exercises that can help you achieve strong, shapely legs desirable to every woman.

Benefits Of Toning Legs

While toned legs can add a lot of grace to any attire you wish to don, they serve as a firm foundation for holding up your stature. With the help of strong legs, you can alleviate your performance in almost every sport activity.

Here are a few exercises that can will give you killer legs, without having to run to the gym.  All you need is an exercise mat and a medicine ball.


Perform as many repetitions possible during 50 seconds. Take rest for 10 seconds and then start off again. Perform each set of exercise 3 times.

Lunge jump

Keep your body straight, and extend your right legs backwards into a lunge position. Jump into a standing position, by bringing forward your right leg. Keep on repeating the movement and then switch to the left leg. Perform this workout for 50 seconds before taking a break.

Medicine Ball Drop Burpee

Stand straight by holding a medicine ball in your hands, feet shoulder width apart. Raise your arms above your head and then drop the ball. As soon as the ball hits the ground, lower to the ground in a push up position, placing your hands on the ball. Then move your legs holding the ball as your go back to the starting position. Perform repetitions for under a minute.

Mountain Climbing And A Squat Press

Place your body in a push up position, hands resting on the medicine ball lying on the ground. Move your legs back and forth as if running by keeping your hands intact over the medicine ball for a count of four. Then jump to pick the ball with your hands and holding it near the chest performing a squat. Then rise to stand up while pressing the ball overhead. Then again move to the starting position to perform another repetition.


Place a mat on the floor and lie on it. Take a deep breath drawing in your abs, and lifting up your legs a few inches off the floor. Raise your hands above your head and try bringing your hands towards your legs. Try getting your feet as close to your bum, so that both your legs form a triangle and stick towards the sides. Go back to the starting position and keep repeating the movement for 50 seconds.