Top 3 Pull-Up Bar Workouts

It’s no secret that pull-up is the best upper body exercise. However, there are many variations to this exercise in order to target different muscle groups. Variations in every type of exercise is important and plays a vital role. It helps your body with adaptability. Also, keeping your body confused yields many benefits.

  • It helps you lose weight faster.
  • Confusing the body helps with reaching your goals faster.
  • Repeating the same exercises causes monotony and the body gets bored of it.

There is no right or wrong with pull up bars variations, all variations are practiced to target the upper body and strengthen the core muscles. It depends on you that how you take your stance forward. Practice and focus is what will help you improve your ability to perfect your pull up bar workout. Do not give up on it, we know pull ups are difficult and hard to achieve at first but once you have a strong core, there is nothing you will enjoy more than a pull up along with is variations.

Let us look at different variations that can be practiced using a pull up bar.

  1. Simple Pull ups

In a dead hang position, and elbows straight, grab the pull up bar with palms facing away. Now tighten your core and pull yourself up until chest is close to the bar. Now try to stay in this position for couple of seconds and then lower your body in a slow motion and repeat again. Remember, whenever you are working out against gravity, keep your movement slow, controlled and focused.

  1. Burpee Pull ups

These are like normal pull-ups except you perform push up with each pull up. After completing a pull up you get down on the floor and do push up and then jump up to perform another pull-up. To achieve the best burpee pull up, make sure your chest touches the floor while doing the burpee and your chest touches the bar at the top of the pull up. Burpee pull up is one of the toughest yet most rewarding type of pull up you can ever do.

  1. Chin-Ups

In this variation, your palms are facing towards your body. Grab the pull up bar and tighten your core, then pull yourself above the bar until your chest is touching the bar. Now lower your body slowly and repeat these steps. It is basically done to strengthen your core muscles. A good chin up will give you a strong upper back and dorsi muscle. Make sure you perform the repetition well and slowly as this is also done against gravity.

Note: Perform 4-5 sets of reps 25, 17, 15, 12 in each workout. You can take 30 seconds rest after each set. It is advised by the trainers to make a momentum and perform the activity in a rhythm. You will be able to achieve it if you focus and work hard. So start your journey towards a stronger and leaner upper body right now!