Tyson Fury Risking Title Shot to “Keep Busy”

Where many fighters would have been sweating hard in training to prepare for the clash against heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko, Tyson Fury is doing the exact opposite. The unbeaten Brit, named after Mike Tyson, is going to risk his title shot by having yet another fight before his big fight with Klitschko.

Fury said, “I’ll take another fight if one is there, I am easy.” He added, “If I want to keep busy, I’ll keep busy but it really is up to my trainer Peter Fury to decide what’s next.”

Fury risked his No.1 contender-ship by taking on Christian Hammer last Saturday in the O2 Arena, London. Fury was confident he could put the Romanian down and that is how the bout went down. The opponent’s trainer threw in the towel in the 8th round to bring the fight to an end.

“Although I trained hard and prepared properly I could not take that guy seriously because he’s number three [and] it did not turn me on or tickle my fancy, it did not give me any butterflies to my stomach. I was in there with zero percent nerves,” Fury said nonchalantly.

Fury, who is still undefeated in his 24-match professional career, believes that he is ready to face Klitschko. He stated that Klitschko is the only one in the entire heavyweight division that could give him a tough fight.

“Let’s not make any mistakes here, Hammer ain’t no Klitschko,” Fury said.

Fury also hit back at Klitschko manager’s for his derogatory comments about his potential.

He warned, “The better dance partner I get, the better I dance, let’s see how high I can go.”

Fury, now 26, is looking to wet his toes again with the blood of a new fighter. However, he admits that the decision will arrive with the approval of his trainer.

“If he thinks another fight, we will have one, if not then we will go into a deep training camp,” Fury concluded.