Ufc 189 – Mendes Knocked Out By Mcgregor

The mixed martial event, UFC, was held at MGM Garden Arena on July 11, 2015. McGregor competed against Jose Aldo. But due to the injury that he received during the fight, Aldo had to let Chad Mendes fight in his place. The event featured the UFC’s fight kits that have officially been revealed on June 30, 2015. Jose Aldo received a rib injury that was later diagnosed into the rib fracture. Despite the injury, the champion showed his intentions of fighting further. The given event was organized during the UFC’s annual International Fight Week. It was expected to be held between the champion Jose Aldo and the top contendor Conor McGregor.

Referring to the combat between Mendez and McGregor as  Aldo had to resign, it is important to know Mendes took his place on a two week notice .The former American Wrestler, Mendes proved his abilities as superior by planting McGregor on the mat just in the opening round.  The renowned contender showed more strength and competition by opening up the deep cut over the right eye of the opponent. The given action is expected to be the one that triggered Mendes’ victory. In the second round, Mendez tried a double leg take down and put the McGregor right on the floor. The win expectations of the superstar, McGregor could clearly be seen as dwindling. After the final tough match, McGregor could be able to be back on feet, but not for long, only until Mendes’ left hand tore through his chin and hey was once again on the mat. Contrary to the expected conclusion of the details, McGregor followed up with a number of shots and stood finally as the new UFC featherweight champion.

Here is a brief of the results: