Top Training Mistakes Men Make And How To Avoid Them

If you have been following a tight fitness regime but have not been able to see noticeable results, then you need to check whether you are making any of these training mistakes.

Starting Off Heavy

Problem: The biggest mistake lifters make when embarking on a journey of muscle mass is starting off with lifting heavy weights. Loading on bars and focusing on your correct form can lead to serious health hazards without targeting muscles that you intend to cut. This can quite possibly be the reason why don’t you see muscles get swollen despite pumping iron at the gym quite frequently.

The Fix: Start with weight that you can easily manage. Slowly work on increasing your stamina with correct form and then go on increasing the weight gradually.

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Focusing On Smaller Muscles Only

Problem: Most of the beginners target gaining mass on smaller muscles instead of getting a well-built body. Focusing on isolation exercises only without involving compound movements may help in muscle growth in certain areas; however, it will make the physique appear unsymmetrical.

The Fix: Choose a workout plan that incorporates isolation as well as compound exercises. You can target every muscle group by working out the big three – squat, bench and deadlift.

Ignoring Healthy Diet

Problem: Have you been regularly going to the gym and performing your exercises right but you don’t see yourself getting swollen? It’s time that you focus on a wholesome diet. 95% gym goers have a perfectly devised workout plan which they stick to but their unhealthy eating habits don’t let them actualize their fitness goals.

The Fix: Your diet is part of your workout regime. Chalk out a diet plan that incorporates all the elements – carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins – in right portions to aid in your fitness goal, whether it is losing fat or putting on mass.

Following Every Random Advice

Problem: Beginners get bombarded with too much of “bro-science” which always isn’t the best counsel to be adhering to. Performing exercises because someone suggested them to you maybe the reason that’s holding you from realizing your fitness goals.

The Fix:  Before following any workout routine religiously because someone close referred it to you, you should take out time to do your own research. Follow a routine only if it suits your health and fitness goals.

Substituting Supplements For Wholesome Food

Problem: Newbies often get obsessed with supplements and substitute healthy food options with quick fixes and pills. Though a few additional doses such as pre-workout protein powder shake can be beneficial in improving your training results, there is nothing comparable to a healthy diet and regular exercise.

The Fix: Supplements should be treated as what they are – supplements. If you think that a small pill will help substitute nutrients from your missed breakfast while giving you encouraging training results, then you are wrong. Sure, they can aid in giving you extra nutrients but they aren’t capable of making up for missing energy reserves.

Lack Of Healthy Sleep

Problem: The third essential ingredient for muscle growth is healthy sleep, with the first two being training and diet. But more than often people overlook this effective part of their fitness plan. A rigorous workout session followed by rest helps in repairing damaged muscles and their subsequent growth. A healthy sleep not only aids in developing muscle mass but also helps the body achieve wellbeing.

The Fix: Get at least 7-9 hours of sleep daily to ensure your muscle recovery.