Hot Chocolate and its 5 Amazing Health Benefits

Chocolate is probably one of the most popular foods in the world. Don’t take our word for it, stats show that almost 1 billion people around the world consume chocolate in one form or another. A popular form of consumption of chocolate is the drink known as hot chocolate.

Chocolate is such an unbelievable delight that can be consumed in many different desirable forms. Generally, it is a therapy to elevate you, along with your taste buds.

Let’s grasp and digest the facts and figures about hot chocolate, before getting into its benefits;

Hot Chocolate; a History

Hot chocolate was derived from the Aztec Culture. When invaders came into the Aztec culture they discovered the mysterious drink and took it to Europe.

The beverage was first introduced in Spain and its popularity grew very quickly.

Soon it became popular all over Europe and became the favorite drink of many.

Hot Cocoa vs Hot Chocolate

Often people mix up hot chocolate with hot cocoa. They are two entirely different drinks.

Hot cocoa is often flavored and contains sugar and milk to make it more delectable.

Hot chocolate, on the other hand, is made from actual chocolate and is richer in flavor.

Health Benefits of Hot Chocolate

Many of you will be surprised to hear it but hot chocolate has many different benefits for the drinker’s health…


Don’t be.

hot chocolate mixing

It’s a well-known fact that chocolate, when consumed in small quantities, has different health benefits. And dark chocolate is one of the healthiest snacks out there.

So obviously, anything that is made from chocolate has the same amount of health benefits.

1.      Fights Cancer Cells

Believe it or not, drinking this chocolaty drink fights cancer cells in your body but remember the chocolate used should be of really great cocoa beans.

Green tea is said to be beneficial in the same scenario but hot chocolate is 3 times as more effective.

2.      Improves Blood Flow

Drinking hot chocolate can help improve the flow of blood in your body.

Cocoa provides nitric oxide to your body which is responsible for lessening the risk of blood clots.

It does so by ensuring that your blood platelets don’t glue themselves together.

3.      Lowers the risk of Heart Disease

Hot chocolate contains flavonoids.

Why are these weirdly named little guys so important?

They are responsible for reducing inflammation in the body and protects you from elements that become the cause of heart disease.

4.      Improved Brain Function

Want to have a quick thought process and improved brain power?

Drink chocolate in a cup.

The flavonoids, these amazing nutrients again, can improve the flow of blood to your brain.

It is responsible for improving your brain processes.

There is also research being done on the benefits of hot chocolate in dementia patients, as dementia is caused by restricted blood flow to the brain.

5.      Prevents different Diseases

Gallic Acid Equivalents or GAE ever heard of them?

They are used to treat different diseases in the human body. Like hemorrhages, kidney disease, and diabetes.

Guess which drink has a lot of them? Yes, you guessed right.

With the flavonoids and GAE working together, you will be getting protection from 3 different diseases.

Hot chocolate in glass cup

Add this amazing and delicious hot chocolate to your weekly diet.

A fair warning to those who are trying to lose weight; you should probably not add the drink to your meal plan. Especially those who are trying to lose a large amount of weight.

Everyone else, even athletes training for boxing and sprints, can benefit from the blood flow improving advantage that hot chocolate has to offer.

And that’s just the beginning of it, you will know the true advantage of it when you start drinking.