B.J Penn’s reaction on Bar Fight

UFC Hall of Fame title holder B.J Penn reacted to the videos showing a street fight he was involved in.

The fighter has already issued a statement expressing regret for his involvement in the incident. It happened outside a Bar in Hawaii’s Big Island. He explained that he was not entirely at fault. A family representative elaborated that Penn was trying to calm an angry acquaintance when he was knocked down. Penn justified that he was not trying to get in the fight stating, “I’m an older guy too and I just want to enjoy my life”.

Penn also faced and responded to allegations of domestic violence by the mother of his children. He explained that it was a ‘ploy’ to gain custody of his two daughters. Penn has already been accused of physical and emotional abuse by his former partner Uaiwa.


Penn had also been involved in a fight outside a strip club in June that hurt his case with court administrators. The media coverage was inaccurate and pinned Penn in ‘starting the fight’. The fighter has therefore been involved in several fights and the public refuses to believe now that he is the victim every time.