Callisthenics Workout – How Does Street Workout Help Your Body?

With its roots dating back to ancient Greece, Callisthenics is a combination of body moves to improve body’s strength. Also referred to as street workout, these movements are performed without any additional weights. It only incorporates body’s own strength in order to burn fat, improve strength, increase body’s range of motion and adding flexibility. You can perform these exercises indoors and outdoors on the floor or with the help of some bars. There are many health benefits associated with callisthenics.


Since a long time callisthenics workout has been taken as a warm-up exercise or as a less-impact workout for weaker people. However, profound benefits of callisthenics have been realized and it is being incorporated into a variety of activities such as:

  • Martial Arts
  • Gymnastics
  • Street Workouts
  • Pole Dancing

Benefits Of Callisthenics

A less-emphasized workout in the past, callisthenics has many benefits that include muscle build up and strength, weight loss, flexibility and enhanced resistance. It contributes to overall strength and can be incorporated into a variety of workouts or performed on its own.

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Muscle Build Up And Strength

If you want to gain muscle mass and strength without having to lift heavy weights, then callisthenics workout is meant for you.  Though you may not get a swollen body as with body building, these exercises will carve out rock solid muscles with all the needed strength. With suitable callisthenics, you can steadily improve your muscle definition without having to cause any tears or trauma that occur during weightlifting.


Flexibility comes with strong muscles. As muscles increase in strength, they can contract without having to strain; a feature weak muscles are devoid of. This makes it easier for the muscles to flex further, adding more flexibility to the body.

Weight Loss

Callisthenics help lose weight in two ways. Since it helps in building muscle mass, resulting in increase in resting metabolic rate, making it easy for the body to burn calories. Secondly engaging into callisthenics workout increases your heart rate, similar to as in an aerobic activity, which is very effective for losing weight.

Increased Stamina

The biggest benefit that comes with callisthenics workout is increased stamina. Circuit training callisthenics is about performing as many repetitions without resting until the body is fatigued enough to perform no more. When the body rests in night after engaging into these vigorous movements, its endurance increases. This helps you to perform more repetitions every passing day, improving your body’s stamina in all parts including the heart.

End Note

Callisthenics is an ideal way to achieve a well-rounded fitness. Regardless of what your goals are incorporating callisthenics into your workout can help you achieve many benefits.