Edgar All set to face McGregor (Update)

Frankie Edgar followed up on his interest in facing Conor McGregor for the title.

Edgar was supposed to fight McGregor in the past for the featherweight title. This is when McGregor moved to win the lightweight title instead but got defeated by Nate Diaz. The rivalry continued but McGregor was not able to defeat Diaz.

Last month, McGregor apologized in an interview for his behavior outside the octagon. The fighter made the headlines for all the wrong reasons. During the apology, the contender called out a few names of his preferred opponents. This was a follow-up to his return in UFC and regaining his popularity as a fighter.

After being called out, Edgar was excited to face him again “It gave me hope that maybe I can get a fight with him”. He further elaborated that he has been waiting for this opportunity and that he is ready “I’m game, he knows I’m game”. Edgar’s career is going towards achieving the bantamweight title, but he has decided to delay it for this fight. McGregor has already established his popularity as a seasoned fan-favorite which is why Edgar is ready on every weight category. He stated, “It’s no secret Conor’s the biggest star in the sport, or at least one of them”. Edgar has already gotten fans excited to face McGregor at any weight class McGregor chooses.