Fighter of the Tournament for EMMAA; Jack Dunleavy!

Jack Dunleavy Wins Fighter Of The Tournament At EMMAA

RDX congratulates the winners of the EMMAA event, “The Four Nations Tournament”. The RDX sponsored event showcased many extremely talented young fighters, all with the potential to go further. Submission specialist, Jack Dunleavy showed off his improved ground game. With two stoppage victories against tough opposition Jack showcased why he deserves to be fighter of the tournament. Dunleavy answered some of our questions and gave some insight into his amazing mindset, sport and life in general.

1. How did you get into the sport?

I started training boxing from the age of 6 or 7… On and off… And then moved to Thai boxing when I was 11. Where I started to take fighting more seriously and had a few fights as a child,.. When I left school, I joined Aspire(CSA) and started training MMA full time and haven’t looked back since.

2. Who is your biggest inspiration?

There are 2 main fighters I look up too. One of them is Tyson fury because of what he has overcome and his mentality towards fighting. The other one is Charles Olivera because I feel I can relate to him in a few ways. We both had arthritis as children and he didn’t let it stop him from fighting and also I like to think I have his style of fighting.

3. Who’s your favorite athlete?

I’d say my favorite athletes are the same as my inspirations as they are combat sports athletes which is the only sport I really take notice of too.

4. How did you find the competitions ground game and wrestling?

Going into the competition I wanted to test my ground game at the highest level of British MMA. Due to the cage being small sized I feel like the competition was made for it. I was buzzing to get 2 first round submission finishes and show I’m not just a KO artist.

5.Β  How much does acrobatic skill change the way you see fight strategy?

Acrobatic skill is a big part of the sport. You need it everywhere to gain an upper edge on your opponent. I feel like being acrobatic is a big part of my game especially when avoiding takedowns etc.

6. What does Move, Improve, Evolve mean to you?

Move, Improve and Evolve to me is the idea of always getting better, improving and never settling for what you have accomplished because there is always something bigger you can push for. On the flip side it can be looked at from a learning point of view. If you have suffered a loss don’t dwell on it just learn from it and come back stronger.

Jack won his award of England’s Fighter of the Country by popular vote with his 2 first round finishes at the EnglishMMAA Four Nations event! RDX sports congratulates the brilliant submission specialist with his victory and wishes him many similar accolades and successes for the future.