Why Did Georges St. Pierre Leave MMA?

Georges St. Pierre, a.k.a GSP, a 36-year old Canadian Mixed Martial Artist, retired from the UFC on December 13, 2013. When he retired, he had the most wins in title bouts, was a three-time Welterweight Champion, and second longest combined title streak in the history of UFC.

Suddenly, he walked out of the ring and the limelight of his champion career.

His fans always wondered why…now you can learn why.

Why Did Georges St. Pierre Retire?

Georges St. Pierre

How can a champ like him leave the octagon?

He left his fans shocked at this most surprising announcement.

After 4 years of absence, GSP is now back in the UFC and every MMA enthusiast is eager to know…why he decided to leave.

It was not easy for GSP to become one of the greatest MMA fighters. Before turning pro, he worked as a bouncer at a Montreal nightclub.

No, this does not end there. To pay his school fees, he had to work as a garbageman for more than 6 months.

He joined MMA for his love and thrill of the fight. Throughout his MMA career, all this best pound-for-pound fighter wanted was to enjoy every moment of his career.

But soon he realized that he was not fighting for the love of it. His passion and motivation behind every punch disappeared. All he wanted to do was stay on top…that became his only goal.

He left because he had to, not because he wanted to. Because his career became a business and he wasn’t enjoying himself anymore.

The Return

GSP has finally decided to come back and he returning with a bang!

On 4th of November at Madison Square Garden in New York City, the matchup is set; GSP vs Bisping.

He will take on Michael Bisping after staying out of the octagon for 4 years, this will be a tall task. But the returning GSP seems in top shape.

After being trash-talked by 38-year-old Bisping, will he be able to prove his high-sounding claims wrong for once and for all?

Is GSP going to lose the big match as the ruler of UFC middleweight division predicts? Well, you have to wait until November to find out.