Golovkin to Ignite the Title Unification Battle

Gennady Golovkin is on the fast track to becoming the undisputed middleweight champion after his 20th straight knockout of Willie Monroe Jr. on May 16. The Kazakh sensation is ready to take the fight to other middleweight champions in order to take home all the gold that is to offer at the middleweight division.

Arguably the best middleweight to have graced the planet after the great Sugar Ray Robinson, Golovkin broke Mike Tyson’s record of 19 consecutive KOs record to secure history in his 33rd bout. His professional record reads 33 matches, 33 wins, out of which 30 came from KOs, the highest percentage of KOs in the middleweight history.

GGG is keen to fight four times in 2015, and why not? When you floor your opponents without sustaining any serious damage, you are bound to participate in higher number of matches and to fight till you are at least 40 years of age.

Golovkin will be targeting the WBC champion Miguel Cotto and WBO champion Andy Lee, in order to secure all the world title recognitions. Golovkin is also eyeing the vacant IBF world middleweight title which is going to be granted to the winner of Hassan N’dam vs. David Lemieux.

GGG currently holds the WBA and the IBO β€˜super’ middleweight titles.