The classic 1, 2 combo in boxing is very useful. The 1 being the jab and 2 being the cross. The precise jab can set up a thundering cross. We have already talked about how to throw a good jab in boxing, today we will provide a tutorial on how to throw a smooth jab cross combo. If it lands, it can do some damage. If it doesn’t, it can still stagger the opponent. The jab and cross can be cleanly thrown one after the other because you need to be in the same position to throw them both. Throwing an accurate jab is the key. It will set up whatever punch you decide to throw afterwards. Speed is another factor that you need to focus on. You can’t leave yourself open to a counter attack when you are throwing the jab cross combo.

Here are some tips that will help you land this combo:

Transferring Weight for Jab Cross

If you recall the jab throwing lesson, you’ll know that the transfer of weight has to be just as precise as the jab itself;

  • The weight needs to shift from your back foot to the front foot.
  • If you are in a position where your weight is on the front leg, don’t throw this combo.
  • You won’t have any power in your punches.
  • Not to mention the fact your opponent will counter in a hurry.
  • Look at your favorite boxer. Pull some videos from the internet and watch how they throw this combo.
  • You will notice that their complete weight is on the back foot before they throw a jab. When he/she moves to throw the punch, they will transfer their weight to the front leg and hit in quick succession.
  • This weight shift will enable you to generate power and speed.
  • Practice the weight shift before you throw the punches.

Shoulder Movement for Jab Cross

  • The shoulder has to move with each punch.
  • For an orthodox boxer, after they have thrown the jab, they have to bring their left shoulder back when they go for the cross.
  • Southpaw boxers have to bring their right shoulder back.

Tips for Jab Cross and other Punches

Don’t be Tense

Here is what new boxers, and even some fairly old ones don’t understand.

You need to be relaxed when throwing punches. If you are not…your punches will lack power and require more effort to complete the movement, meaning you will tire out quickly. Keeping your muscles relaxed when throwing the punch will give you more speed and power.

The 1, 2 Combo is not the end

Throw the 1, 2 combo and your opponent is finished. Absolutely wrong. Odds are that you will not even get through the guard of your opponent the first few times. So don’t wait for the opponent to drop after throwing just one simple combo.

Follow it up with the same combo or different one. Or get back to your defensive stance to block counterattacks. Even if you land the punches, don’t back off and keep the charge going.

Loosen the Hand

Don’t keep your hands clutched into tight fists the whole time, you will just tire out your hands. You cannot afford fatigued hands. The fists should be tightened only on moments when you make the impact with your punches, rest of the times they should be kept open and relaxed.

Lower Body is important

As we have mentioned before in our boxing tutorials, the use of the lower body is of the utmost importance when punching. The real power comes from the core, hips, and legs. The movement and twist of the lower body generates the power for the punches, not muscles in your arm.


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