Conor McGregor has added many different former boxers and boxing coaches to his training staff to prepare for his bout against Floyd Mayweather.

One of his training partners, now former, was the once champion Paulie Malignaggi. His announced his retirement just a few months ago and joined McGregor as one of his sparring partners.

Malignaggi Walks Out

All was well for a while but trouble was brewing it seems because Malignaggi walked out of Conor’s training camp a few days ago and he has some choice words for ‘Notorious’ and how he treats his training staff.

Malignaggi Maligns Conor

Malignaggi has made some startling allegations against the Conor, saying that he disrespected him and he mistreats all his sparring partners in the same way.

Photo by: Sports Illustrated

He added that he has no regrets for walking out as he did and that McGregor only wants ‘yes men’ in his camp.

Malignaggi also gave out details about his sparring sessions with McGregor, which will be very interesting for his opponent, Floyd Mayweather.

He boasted that it was easy for him to get the better of Conor in the ring, even with little training after his retirement. He also said that “He [Conor] is not actually trying to get better…I thought it [training camp] was a joke.”

Is Mayweather paying attention?

Floyd Mayweather must have his ears pointed toward Malignaggi’s direction. But how much can he trust the word of someone who is sounding more and more like a disgruntled employee than an objective sparring partner of his upcoming opponent?

Photo by: Getty Images

He claims that Conor is very ‘hittable’ and his weakness is body shots.

That information could be gold for Mayweather if he can trust it and the source it is coming from.

It could end affecting the fight and definitely the betting on the fight that is already breaking records.

It remains how Conor McGregor, and also Mayweather, respond to the claims being made by Paulie Malignaggi.

They both must be focused on their Aug 26 fight in Las Vegas.

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