It’s almost time. The hype and build-up for Mayweather vs. McGregor have lasted for good part of the last few months. The press tours, the trash talk, the personal jibes and the pure hatred that both fighters exhibited throughout this period only created more excitement among the fans. Now the boxing bout is only 5 days away and McGregor isn’t done with messing with Mayweather. Conor likened himself to Bruce Lee and said that only he could help Floyd.

Reincarnation of Bruce Lee help Mayweather?

Conor McGregor has often said how much he admires the great fighting legend, Bruce Lee. It was either that respect or the confidence in his own abilities, that led to claim that on a reincarnated Bruce Lee could prepare Mayweather for what is coming.

McGregor believes that Mayweather’s sparring partners lack the skill and style that he possesses. They cannot help him prepare for what will be coming at him inside the ring.

Basically, according to Conor, Mayweather’s training camp was a futile exercise. No fighter can mimic what he will accomplish on Aug 26.

The Legacy on the line

Not since Rocky Marciano has a boxer come this close to a pristine 50-0 record. That’s what is on the line for Mayweather. He is confident in his abilities and has 49 fights on the record to prove that he is one of the most skilled boxers of all time.

He will hold his own inside a boxing ring against any opponent though. Could he go toe to toe with the ghost of Bruce Lee? That is whole other debate.

Floyd is set to make close to $350 million from the fight. But the opponent he is facing inside the T Mobile arena is unlike anyone else. The attraction of the richest fight in history brought him out of retirement. Will the endurance of his legacy be enough of a fuel for him to survive Conor McGregor?


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