Parker verses Andrade and who gets to face Canelo after

The Interim Super Middleweight title is on the line between the mixed Orthodox and Southpaw style, Derbyshire, British born Zach Parker and the Southpaw, Providence raised, American, Demetrius Andrade, and what a fight it is grooming to become. Despite Andrade’s promoters attempts to downplay and underbid the fight, it shall go on regardless. The two title fighters will be laying it all on the line in the ring on the 21st of May in the UK because the man who steps out of the right, on that night will get a chance at the World Championship against the current Champion, the Mexican, Canelo Alvarez. 

Eddie Hearns, the promoter for Andrade has said had a lot to say about the fight, saying that  Andrade verses…. “Zach Parker, has absolutely no interest in America” and hence will not bring the pay per view tickets that are expected of an interim belt fight. Though the opposing promotion team by Frank Warren and Queensberry Promotions have out bid and out marketed him at every turn coming up to the bout.

Zach is expected to give Andrade a real run for his money having very similar physical stats and a uniquely similar knockout power, though both fighters are experts of relatively different styles in orthodox and southpaw respectively. In 2018 after dislocating a shoulder and badly tearing his rotator cuff, which left Parker injured for 6 months, in the second round against Daryll Williams, Parker turned a potentially disastrous day around by switching stances into southpaw and has shown aptitude in both stances frequently.  Parker has been coming up with a 22 match streak with 16 KOs to back him up and Andrade has also been coming up with a similar 31 match streak with 19 KOs. The big difference however being in the youthful stamina of Zach and the experience and power of Demetrius.

Andrade has had difficulty, says Eddie, losing 160lbs in preparation for the title fight and furthermore because of his age of 33 years we will be finding it harder and harder to find reasonable fights for him, with this fight potentially giving him a title shot. Whereas Zach’s promotional team has hyped this fight wholly in the UK, building upon his current success and bringing the fight to his hometown at Pride Park In Derby County.

Canelo Alvarez was and is ready for the both of them, to settle their Interim disputes and meet him in the ring. Both Zach and Andrade have shown great desires to get into that title fight and will be putting on a spectacle on the 21st to show how much it means to both of them individually, and who truly wants it more.