5 must know tips – Pre-Workout Guide for Beginners

Nothing like a long look in the mirror to remind you that you need better fitness. It is best to keep looking because that will be your best motivation.

If you do that two things will happen.

A: When you have enough motivation, you will decide to make a change and seek out tips for body fitness.

B: When you have made the decision, you will start a fitness for beginners routine that will help you reach your health goals.

But what must you do get from point A to point B is where the problem lies.

You are not alone.

The majority of the people have that problem and we are here to help you.

You don’t have to go through the billions of results that show up on Google for fitness tips for men and women, or whichever search engine you use, that promise supernatural workouts that help you get fit in a week.

All you have to do is stick with us as we provide you with weekly blogs that will take you on a steady journey towards your desired physical fitness level.

Let’s start off with the motivation:

1. Forget all your previous fitness plans

There is a reason why all your vs workout plans failed. You had all the right expert fitness tips and fitness trackers at the ready, but they were worth nothing in the end. Because there was a lack of motivation.

Fitness Woes - Woman at the gym hanging her head in regret

The first step, you have to forget everything you need to know about getting fit.

But you have to remember the lessons you learned from these failed tries.

  • What demotivated you?
  • What made you quit?
  • Were these fitness methods effective?

This information will be quite handy when you start your new fitness plan at home.

The second step is about educating yourself about nutrition and fitness.

2. Learn all that you can about physical fitness

You require information before your start goal setting for fitness. This is exactly what you are doing right now, congrats, you are learning about fitness. In future blogs in this section you will be able to find workout routines, so be sure to check back.

Pile of books and a Fitness dumbbell

You can start by writing down your Goals, in as much detail as possible. Remember these 5 things when you are writing them down;

  • Be specific
  • Goals should be measurable
  • They should be achievable,
  • Relevant,
  • And have a time limit

Learn your weaknesses

As part of the learning process, you have to learn what your weaknesses are when it comes to improving physical fitness;

  • Did you just get bored with your last workout?
  • Did you get sick and never got back to it?
  • Were there too many hurdles in your exercise routine?

Be very honest with yourself and you will find out why all your previous attempts have failed.

Diet and Nutrition

You need to start eating healthier. Learn about which nutrition will work for you and which will not. You can go on our blog’s Healthy Eating section to learn about different diet plans and choose one that suits you.

 3. Become active with help of a fun physical activity

The third step in your journey is finding a Physical Activity that you love. It is important to differentiate between being active and a physical activity that requires exertion and offers health benefits.

The activity you choose will be your first workout so choose wisely. Make sure it’s something that will enjoy doing every day.

It can be a short run in a park, it can be a sport like boxing or basketball, it can be yoga, etc. You can go the blog’s Training section to learn about different combat sports. It should be something that you can get to easily because you will give it up if it is not.

Wear your fitness activity tracker to see your progress.

For example, you can take up boxing; you can get a pair of gloves and a punching bag at home and practice every day without going out of your way.

black man working with a fitness punching bag at gym wearing red boxing gloves

The process of brainstorming fitness activity ideas can also be fun, you can try out new sports and go join some fitness classes and explore exercise-adjacent activities.

Before we move forward, let’s summarize the information above so you have a list of things that you can do today:

  • Forget fitness failure history
  • Write down fitness goals
  • Pick a nutritious diet
  • Find a fun fitness activity

4. Find inspiration to get fitter

Ask yourself what your Fitness Inspiration is? It is the most important factor in you getting from that Point A to Point B. You can find inspiration by looking inward;

  • You want to look good in a dress or a suit
  • Need to impress someone
  • Live a healthy and active life
  • Or just to prove people wrong

When you have the reason clearly in your mind, write it down and paste on a wall in your bedroom or as keep it as a wallpaper on your desktop or anywhere you can see it every day.

Inspirational Fitness quote: three months from now, you will thank yourself

After doing that, you have to find an inspirational story of someone. Nothing inspires people than an emotional story of adversity and success.

If you are more of a visual person then you can watch inspirational video montages of someone’s personal journey of weight loss and fitness struggles.

These are all the different ways you can find inspiration. If you can think of another way to find your inspiration, then let us know in the comments section below.

5. Find a way to hold yourself Accountable

The best way to keep yourself honest is to find someone or several someones that will keep you honest. You can do this by finding a workout buddy or joining a fitness groups/community. They will hold you Accountable.

Two men running silhouette for fitness

Talk about your successes and failures or post them in the community. Everyone there will be a support line for you and they will keep you motivated to continue.

So the six magic words that you need to take away are;

  1. Forget
  2. Educate
  3. Goals
  4. Activity
  5. Inspiration
  6. Accountability

Abide by them.

You should pick one goal from your list and mark down the time, let’s say a month, and start working on achieving it. You can continue your exercise, walking or a sport, for the next few days and we will be back with a blog about workouts that will be perfect for beginners.

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