RDX Sports Paying It Forward This Festive Season

“The sale season is on and RDX Sports is on a roll to bring you the deepest discounts of the festive season ahead till New Year 2022”.

NO ONE is going as big and as crazy with their sale and discounts as RDX Sports this season, and this manic episode is not just limited to one particular event like Black Friday, Cyber Monday etc.


The day it all gets real is 12th November 2021. The 12th kicks off our Black Friday deals with a coupon code offering of 10% off across the RDX website. This is coupled with another “up to 50%-70% off” discount deal on selected items. Cherry on top of these scrumptious deals is an additional 15% off on the full range of two of RDX’s mega successful Boxing and MMA series; APEX and MARK.

Bet you’re wondering what’s so special about the APEX and MARK series which makes them a raging success?


Well to begin with, the APEX series is an enigma of performance in the ring. The series is made up of competition, training and coaching equipment. It brings to the table two Pro Fight Boxing Gloves, one Pro Sparring and one Pro Training Boxing Glove. It also includes Focus Pads, two head guards, each with its own winning attribute, a chest guard, groin guard and precision sticks.

The A2 Pro Fight Boxing Gloves offer MoreX ™ padding under engineered super skin leather that easily lives up to the pressures of competition fights. A3 Apex Pro Fight Boxing Gloves are competition gloves as well, hand stitched and padded with horsehair to inflict some punishing blows on cue. The A4 and A5 Sparring and Training Boxing Gloves too are made to perfection with engineered Super Skin Leather cushioned with LumeX™ padding. The entire range is built to set the bar of perfection higher than all our competitors.


The Mark Series is another highly successful and sought after range by RDX Sports. The armor of gods is what some of its fans have been calling it due to the impenetrable quality of its two head guards, chest guard and groin guard.

The two Tri Korta 1 & 2 Pro Fight Boxing Gloves are made of premium Super Skin Leather with Eva-Lution ™ Sheet and Sponge X Padding turn your hands into a force to reckon with. With the Tri Lira 1 & 2 training and sparring gloves you get to enjoy the evolution of combat technology with Tri Lira mould.

Over the years, APEX and MARK series have gained so much popularity that people have been calling them the best gloves they ever had, but wished the price tag wasn’t so high – well here you are!

Your dream of owning a pair of the world’s best boxing gloves is ready to be fulfilled with RDX’s oniomania fueling sale season.