This Mother’s Day grease the wheels by getting her fitness gifts

With Mother’s day arriving real soon there’s so much hype about it everywhere. Countless things in stores are advertised as the best gifts you can give to your mother to express your love. Most of the restaurants are offering an enticing menu and interesting deals for your mother’s day brunch.

Amid this commercial hype, you must be looking for a perfect gift to win the status of her ‘favorite’. Your standard gifts and a Sunday brunch, are certainly in a queue, but you want to earn some extra love points presenting her the perfect gift.

Your Super Mama needs more than a Sunday brunch!

A mother is a very first person anyone ever meets. Working on a full-time motherhood job, she looks after her whole family without clocking off at 5. In her life, she cares for everyone, and this mother’s day you let your mama know that her health and well-being matters, too.

A gift of well-being that stays a little longer than an evening meal. So, this Mother’s day why not to take a different route? A route towards her well-being, health, and fitness. Set a fitness resolution for her this Mother’s day because all the mothers are reluctant and selfless to think about their health.

You can never buy a mother’s love, but RDXSports have put together some of the most thoughtful, and mother’s day special gifts on 50% discount. Browse the list, to get the best presents for your super mom, to help her stay healthy and flawless.

RDX G1 Pink Mouthguard

  • Poly Gel latex-free gum shield to protect teeth and gums for contact sports.
  • Gel Fit lining™ for maximum shock reduction and comfort.
  • Acrigel™ padding to cushion molars at the back.
  • Conforms to upper and lower teeth for the perfect fit.
  • Comes with anti-microbial carry case for hygienic storage.

RDX T7 Ego Pink MMA Gloves for Women

  • Cut from imperishable Maya Hide™ leather for tough martial arts gloves that last.
  • PC-3™ contoured padding to align hands, enhancing knuckle protection and preventing injury.
  • D.Cut™ architecture with thumb sheathe offering better grip and added breathability.
  • QD-2™ lining to wick away moisture and offering anti-microbial benefits.
  • Quick-EZ™ Hook-and-loop adjustable closure to provide a snug, secure fit.

RDX X1 Punch Bag Floor Anchor

  • Constructed from Maya Hide™ treated leather and nylon web straps for lasting durability.
  • D shackle with Red Oxide anti-rust coating ideal for outdoors and all weather use.
  • Designed with maximum swing reduction without the need to drill holes in the floor.
  • Heavy duty and secure zip-fastened closure for ease of filling or refilling.
  • Comes unfilled and can be filled with sand or other materials.

RDX F23 Floral Gym Gloves for Women

  • Hand conforming Lycra proves to be the most breathable material in the market.
  • Suede palm battles blisters while offering solid traction and comfy lifting.
  • 3MM padding under Suede grip combats pressure and provides additional gripping prowess.
  • Authentic leather webbing throughout the glove promises zero chances during those grueling workouts.
  • Stretchable Lycra finger webbing conforms to the hand and increases ventilation.