Top MMA Gloves For Striking Hard

MMA Gloves For Striking

If you are looking for a pair of MMA gloves that strike really hard then you have come to the right place. Good news is there are plenty of brands out there selling top quality gloves but selecting among all these great brands can give you a headache. In this article you will learn about some of the best striking gloves in combat sport such as MMA and boxing.

However, you should know these MMA gloves are not ideally used for sparring because they offer little protection in terms of padding, especially if you punch really hard. You can use them for bag work or during competitive fights only.

If you are looking for a training glove to be used specifically with heavy bag, then you should look for gloves that are designed with added protection in terms of padding on knuckles, wrist and on top where the impact takes place.

RDX in one of the best brands right now both in terms of quality and performance. So this is one of the reason I have selected both training and sparring gloves from this brand. These gloves can really throw a punch and make a visible difference!

mma striking gloves

These gloves are made from LeatherGel Technology, meaning outer layers is made from 100% genuine cowhide leather which gives better resilence and enhanced durability, and inner layer is made up of gel infused three layers of padding that gives it supreme shock absorption qualities. Other than these top features you will find in these gloves a wraparound hooked Velcro closure system for excellent wrist support and protection. For exquisite ventilation and temperature control, these gloves feature CoolX™ mesh integrated palm with S.P.P™ treated inner thumb. The gloves can be easily cleaned using a soft damp cloth.


These are one of the best MMA gloves you are doing to find EVER! Yes that’s true because not only it has the best looks but when it comes to performance they are just going to blow your mind. These gloves are made with top quality full-grain NAPPA cowhide leather that is known to provide absolute perfect durability. They also feature extra-long strap in addition to Quick-Ez™ Velcro for ultimate wrist protection.

Whether you are an amateur or professional MMA fighter you need to train with the best equipment, as it gives better performance, much improved confidence, and most specialized hand protection.