UFC 227 – A Happy Ending To A Sour Bantamweight Affair

“A Rival Can Become an Important Ally If WE Find A Common Ground” ― Izey Victoria Odiase

UFC 227 welcomed two most famous and controversial artists of bantamweight category, T.J Dillashaw and Cody Garbrandt face off each other for the second time on Saturday night at The Staples Center at L.A, California. Both fighters have been in the limelight for their killer KO skills as well as their enmity that has been the talk of town for quite some time.

There has been a lot of retrospective regarding Dillashaw vs. Garbrandt bitter affair, which has been under media’s scrutiny more than any other MMA news. Though their sweepstakes initiated as nuisance boasting as to who was performing better in sparring sessions, but little did anyone know that the seemingly harmless challenges would serve as a stepping stone for the most bitter animosity in MMA. Saturday’s night fight was a second episode of their ongoing strife of who was the ultimate king of the bantamweight division inside the octagon. Garbrandt’s quick finish at the hands of Dillashaw was enough to prove again that he was the supreme king of his division, closing the chapter of the longest rivalry in the sport.

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How The Fight Unfolded At UFC 227?

T.J Dillashaw came forward opening the fight cautiously. He initially relied more on snap and round kicks. A few moments later both fighters ended up extending painful hooks to each other. Then after some time Garbrandt managed to shake up the champ with his ferocious move. However, his aggression acted against him, owning to which he couldn’t execute a timely follow-up. This allowed Dillashaw to rebound back by passing on a devastating hook that inflicted quite some pain to both players.

The out-of-blue, jerking blow shook “No Love”; however, he managed to maintain his position.

Dillashaw was consistent with his policy of exerting slow pressure. “Killashaw” constantly scanned moments where he could strategically place a soft shot and seal the deal. The moment the 32-year-old artist neared Garbrandt, he reacted impulsively throwing deadliest jabs and hooks. But the champ kept on looking for his former teammates Achilles heel which he could target. The southpaw artist finally found the perfect time to extend his deadly right hook, a move similar to what Garbrandt had used against Dominick Cruz. The hook gave Garbrandt a taste of his own medicine, closing the chapter of the rivalry between two former teammates that spanned over a year in less than 5 minutes.

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No Love did put up an impressive show by throwing kicks that managed to shake his counterpart rival. He came forward with surprise moves and was able to cause an impact before Dillashaw took the reins of the fight in his hand. The real cause for his defeat was not his strategy, but his lack of respect for his rival’s counterattack. After shaking Dillashaw with his hook, he didn’t regard his opponent worthy of a counterattack just as deadly. After being hit by a hook that left him cringing, Garbrandt tried staying on offensive. Had he focused on just surviving the round, the match outcome could have been quite different.