Can I Use Compression Garments For Weight Loss?

Every now and then, I hear the same type of questions raised in front of the fitness experts.

‘Do compression garments lose body fat safely? What if these are just the publicity stunts by sellers to trap obese? Are compression garments only body shapers?’

There is no doubt in the fact that compression garments are the best body shapers. Compression clothing exerts pressure on the body to give the form you want.

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Made up of stretch and elastic fabrics, compression clothing squeezes the body it surrounds. These garments ‘hold things in’ and remove the apparent imperfections to make you appear smarter and slimmer.

But do they have any permanent change in the body fats or obesity? Let us find that out.


There is a common misconception among people that compression garments lose weight by sweating.

According to most of the wrestlers and athletes, you can lose weight fast and safe when you sweat. The human body is 75% water, so extreme perspiration can dehydrate your body.

You do not lose body weight by sweating; you just lose water weight. Thus, your brain tricks you into thinking that you have lost weight.

Ben Cohn, a fitness coach, does not agree with this rule at all. According to him, when you rehydrate, the lost water weight is gained back.  You can enjoy a temporary weight loss by compression apparel and nothing more.

However, various research studies prove that out of all compression apparel; sauna suits can help you lose weight.

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Sick of those uneven and bumpy curves on your body? Your culprit is the cellulose.

Give a gentle and constant pressure to your body while training, this is scientifically known as micro-massage. Micro-massage breaks up the cellulite in your body to shape it up.

Various research studies claim that compression apparel does not cause weight loss. According to Cohn, they just break up the cellulose to give you a smooth appearance.

Athletic Support

In the past few years, compression apparel has made its way into the sports world. Athletes use compression garments while training in the gym for hours.

Compression clothing improves the cardiovascular response in your body. Moreover, their use ensures an instant muscle recovery while avoiding muscle soreness and pain.

There is no direct link between compression garments and weight loss for athletes. When they use compression apparel, they tend to perform far better than without wearing one.

It is a human psychology that you will exercise more if someone tells you that you train pretty well. Hence, you will exercise more, train hard, and spend more time in the gym. You already know that excessive training leads you to weight loss.

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Yes, compression garments do make you look smart. But don’t let yourself trapped in this illusion. There is no actual and permanent loss of your weight.

Compression garments compress your body tissues by exerting immense pressure. This pressure may slow down your weight loss process instead of boosting it.

However, medical community suggests using compression garments after a fat-removal surgery. After procedures such as liposuction, there remain the voids in your body where the fat was removed. Wearing a compression apparel can aid in redistribution of mass.

Most of the weight loss plans give your skin a loose appearance by stretching it more than its natural capacity. Consequently, you can see a saggy skin on thighs, arms, face, buttocks, and belly.

You can manage this loose skin by wearing a compression garment.


For an attractive appearance, you can use compression apparel to satisfy yourself. Compression garments don’t have many long-lasting effects when it comes to losing body fats. However, you can use them for training and workouts.

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Sauna suits are a considerable modification of general compression garments as they are not tightly fit. They do produce a permanent change in your body by making you lose some extra pounds.